Thursday, December 30, 2010

Rite Aid - Pens & Hope?

I had heard rumors about some sales going on that would be MM. I had stopped in the day before yesterday looking for the deals, but didn't see any signage. I decided to wait until I knew for certain what I was getting. I hate doing returns, so I avoid them as best I can. Wish I had gone with my gut instinct. Ah well, I was still able to grab a few items.

BTS Ruler $.89 (10% discount)
BTS 2pk Erasers $.89 (10% discount)
Pilot EZ Touch $2.06 (10% discount)
2 Pilot EZ Touch Blue @ $2.06 each = $4.12 (10% discount)
Dr Grip Center of Gravity $7.19 (10% discount, placed on the wrong peg as I thought it was $2.29! Return.)
Dayquil Sinus 20ct $5.00
Total Before Coupons: $20.15

$4/1 Dayquil Sinus
Total After Coupons: $16.15 (used $10 +up, .46 tax, $6.61 GC)

$2 +up wyb 2 A&W products
2 $4 +up wyb two Pilot Pens
$2 +up Nyquil
Net: $4.15 cost (+$.46 tax)

Return! (I hate doing returns, but I would have never bought an $8 pen!)
$7.19 + tax(?) = $7.19 GC
Grand Net: $3.04 profit

I plan on buying another pen because I wouldn't have other wise gotten the $4 +up wyb two Pilot Pens. We'll see if they have them in stock latter this week. Thank goodness these deals are good for almost a month. Here's hoping I can get more.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

CVS - Late Again

I always get to this one so late. (I bought this last week on the 23rd!) It's most likely because by the time I buy the items it's usually Saturday. Sometimes I'm hoping to grab a rain check to sweeten the deals I get latter. Other weeks I've been attempting to buy as much at my home store as possible.

FYI - As of Monday I now work in only one store. Yippee! No more hour drives for me. This girl is sticking to her 15-25 minute commute. ^_^ Hopefully between that and the holiday season ending I can keep up with CVS at a regular pace.

Thermacare Wrap $2.79
Kids Band Aids @ $2.49 each = $4.98
Total Before Coupons: $7.77

No Coupons

$2.79 EB Thermacare
$4 EB Band Aids
Net: $.98 cost

Normally would have skipped such a deal, but those Band Aids are so cute! They're going to directly to the donation box. Not sure when I will get around to that again. Maybe late Jan?

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Saving Sunday - Mailbox & More!


~Excedrin Coupons! W00t! Two free and one $3.50/1 this will be great! I think CVS or Rite Aid will have some kind of deal on these really soon to make this such a sweet deal. ^_^

~Purina, dog food samples are always welcomed at my parents house. (Epically since Noel would eat us out of house and home if we let her.)

Pictured above are some clothes from a friend of a friend. I'm in desperate need of pants at the moment and these could not have come at a better time. I haven't tried everything on as of yet, but I believe that all of the clothing should fit. Some pieces aren't my favorite color, but who am I to judge? They were free and I'm thankful I'm able to get clothing in such great shape.

I was also was in need of shoes. Thanks to Common Sense With Money, one of the blogs I follow I was alerted to a great deal on Sketchers shape-ups, 2 for $60! (Just one would have been $40, 25% off wyb 2.) I've been saving up my amazon e-cards from Swag Bucks just for something like this. In the end I paid about $35.00 total! That's an amazing deal for Sketchers. I'll be set on shoes until next year.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Rite Aid - Catchup

Time to catchup to the current week of deals at Rite Aid. Nothing to crazy this week. I need to try & roll some +ups or turn them back into cash. I made one bigger purchase on Saturday to do just that. Before anyone asks, no I don't have a MyGrid. Too many ups to try and roll, so this was an easy +ups to cash. Now if only the rest would be so simple.

7 Revlon Emery Boards @ $.75 each = $5.25
Revlon Nail Clippers $.87
MyGrid Power Clip Universal $26.99 (10% discount)
Total: $33.11 (used $33 +up, no tax)

No Coupons ~ Could have used a $5 off $25, but with all the buzz about coupons being legit or not I've decided to stay far away from these.

Received/Will Receive:
4 $2 +up wyb 2 Revlon
$25 SCR MyGrid Power Clip
Net: $.11 cost

Clearsil Overnight Serum $5.49 (50% clearance)
Clearsil Vanishing Cream $5.66 (10% discount)
Total Before Coupons: $11.15

$2/1 Clearsil IP (coupons says limit one per customer)
$5/1 Clearsil in-ad Night
$2/1 Clearsil in-ad
Total After Coupons: $2.15 (Used $2+up, no tax)

2 $2+Up Clearsil
Net: $1.85 profit

To bad they were out of the Mortin PM 20ct & the Loreal 360 clearance. If only I had more time to hop through the different stores this week. Also out of the 'free' pick up sticks & I didn't see any of the 'fishing' games.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

CVS - Employee Weekend!

Missing from this picture: 4 coke 12pk, beard/mustache scissors (A gift for Sweetheart), jar of Mayo (we were out & no good sales), two boxes of Mrs Field's cookies.

CVS was oh so kind and gave employees another bonus savings weekend. Normally I don't post my employee discount, but as I would not have bought some of these items otherwise it should be noted. I'm only going to summarize my purchase, because there is so much.

Total Before Coupons: $123.49
Total After Discount: $96.94
Total After Coupons: $47.72 (Pantene BOGO Qs!)
Received: $9.00 EB
Current Net: $38.72
Will Receive: $20 MIR wyb $50 select P&G products (Pantene bought Sat. @ $4.99 each & Olay)
Grand Net: $18.72 (Yippee!)

Falling Behind

It's been an 'exciting' week. Sweetheart was sick from Tuesday 'til Saturday. I started feeling ill Sunday night and ended up calling off on Monday. I'm mostly better, but still not 100%.

Lizzy is being a problem child and stalled on me again Sunday morning on my way to work! Yikes! No other options now. I must get a 'new' car because not knowing what's wrong is driving me crazy! She only stalls when she's cold so I'm going to have to warm her up for about 5 minutes or so every time before I drive. What the heck is wrong with my car?

Hoping to get another post up tonight. Maybe two? Catching up on CVS & Rite Aid. I'll be back in the swing of things soon! As long as there are no more mishaps. *sighs*

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Making Gift Baskets

I decided to gift baskets for my friends this year. (My first attempt at this.) I'm short on funds because of the car trouble and worried about having to possibly dip into my emergency fund. So far, so good. If nothing else packaging up these gift baskets means less money my friends have to spend. They shrug off my couponing talk and just aren't interested. (Or at least they don't appear to be.)

1. Gather all possible goodies to see what you can make of it. (That's a lot of stuff!)

2. Make a selection.

3. Start packing it up. I used the funnies from the paper as filler to lift up smaller items. To make it festive I put a layer of tissue paper over top. (Not that you can see it mind after all the stuff goes in it.)

4. Have fun with the arrangement!

5. Sometimes it has to be left behind. (Just couldn't make it look nice without just shoving it in. Sometimes less is more.)

6. Wrap her up!

Bonus! The Guy's stuff. (Not pictures are the raiser starter sets. See here.)

These were fairly well received. Some people were poking fun at the items. ("Are you saying I smell?" "She got me Toilet Paper!") Coming from my friends it more than likely means acceptance, although it's always hard for me to take the teasing. I get WAY too serious about it.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rite Aid - Hunting

I went back to my 'normal' store in hopes that I might be able to grab up some tape or Revlon tools. No such luck. Very disappointing. I was told they will not get a truck until Friday. I need to be at work until close on Friday and I open on Saturday. I'm afraid by the time I would get there the stock will be no more. None of the MM toys people have mentioned in the forums & blogs could be found.

I did manage to find one hidden bath sponge & one pumice stone! Grab a toothpaste & away we go! Too bad Sourpuss was the one who rang me up and spoiled my mood a bit. Smile Sourpuss! It's part of your job. It's a part of my job too, you know? She's the only there that seems to always be unhappy.

Colgate Sensitive Toothpaste 6.0oz $3.50
Pumice Stone $1.99
Bath Sponge $.99 (50% off)
Total: $6.48 (used $6 +up) + $.02 tax

No Coupons

$3.50 +up Colgate
$5 +up Eco Tools
Net: $2.02 profit (- $.02 tax)

I have decided to be adventurous. I went looking for another Rite Aid to continue my quest on gathering as many of these items as I can. I went to one other that I've past by when taking my car to the shop. They were also out of tape, eco tools, toys & mostly out of Revlon. I figured I wasn't going to find anything good so why not get what I can? (Wish I had remembered the $3 RA Revlon Coupon. I even printed it out! Would have bought something more appealing to myself.)

Revlon Compact Nail Clipper $.87
Revlon Nail Clipper $1.31
Total: $2.18 (used $2 +up) + $.02 tax

$2 +up wyb 2 Revlon
$1 SCR Revlon tool
Net: $.82 profit (- $.02 tax)

On my way back home I spotted another Rite Aid going a slightly different route than normal. I pass by this one whenever Sweetheart & I head out to Friendly's. I forget about this one because it's oddly connected to a gas station or something? The sign is just so small!

Tape Jackpot! Sort of . . . I was able to buy 10 rolls of tape for the BOGO free deal. When I asked the cashier about eco bath sponge she remembered one hanging by itself on the cosmetic wall. Perfect! I spotted a single pack of facial sponges in one aisle. (Not near anything else like it. This Rite Aid is set up a little funny.) I was going to pick up another tube of toothpaste, but they didn't carry that kind. I might have to stop at this place first for some hard to find items. A limited selection of items?

Eco Tools Bath Sponge $1.79 (10% discount? why? No idea, but there it is)
Eco Tool Facial Sponge $1.49 (50%, I'm confused are you? Really looking at my receipt now.)
5 RA Invisible Tape @ $1.49 each = $7.45
5 RA Invisible Tape $0.00 (BOGO FREE)
Total: $10.73 (used $10 +up) + $.05 tax

10 $1 +up RA tape
$5 +up wyb 2 Eco Tools (kind of surprised I got it now that I see the % off appear to be incorrect. Not that I'm going to complain about it.)
Net: $4.27 profit (-.05 tax)

Grand Net: $2.02 profit + $.82 profit + $4.27 profit - $.02 tax - $.02 tax - $.05 tax = $7.02 profit!

As an added bonus, I think this is enough to qualify me for the $20 Gift of Savings! *dances* Now if only I could get this good with other stores.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Rite Aid - Eco Tools

I was very happy to learn about a MM for the week. To bad the two stores I visited didn't have the stock I needed to make that work out. The first store was out of anything that could be combined to even make the items free. I was kind of sad about this as I only arrived about one hour after the store opened!? This store usually has terrible stock for sale items. I don't understand why.

I did get my newspapers there and the free tube of toothpaste. I only got one, because I wasn't sure how many I could get. (I read somewhere it's three, but working for four?) Did you know you get a discount on Newspapers? I thought for sure something like that would be excluded. You better believe if I am off on Sunday Rite Aid is going to be the place to get my Sunday papers from now on. I only buy three or four, but every little bit helps and maybe next year I can reach the Gold level.

The second store at least had better stock, but not much left. Only one of the MM items were left. I paired it with something else to get them free, otherwise it was a loss. I'm not exactly sure but I still ended up with a slight MM. Typing up the transaction I see where I miscalculated. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that their truck will bring in loads of stock and maybe on Friday I can grab some more stuff. (Here's hoping.)

Store 1:
Colgate Sensitive Toothpaste 6.0oz $3.50
3 Newspapers @ $1.57 each (10% discount) = $4.71 (Not Pictured)
Total: $8.21 (used $8 +up)

No Coupons This Trip.

$3.50 +up Colgate
Net: $4.71

Store 2:
3 Simply Asian Teriyaki @ $1.99 each = $5.97
Eco Tools BOGO 50% off
Bamboo Foot Brush & Pumice $3.99
Bath & Shower Mitt $1.49 (50% off)
Bath & Shower Mitt $2.99
Facial Sponges 3pk $1.49 (50% off)
Facial Sponges 3pk $2.99
Loofah $.99 (50% off)
Total Before Coupons: $19.91 (Good to know the pair the two highest priced items together for the BOGO 50% off.)

$3 off $20 purchase (would have thrown on a filler if I had known, but it went through with no problems.)
3 $1/1 Simply Asian peelies (only three in the store)
Total After Coupons: $13.91 (used $14 +up, still had some tax? Not suppose to in PA)

3 $1 +up Simply Asian
3 $5 +up wyb 2 Eco Tools
Net: $4.09 profit (-$.12 tax)

Grand Net: $4.71 cost + $4.09 profit = $.62 cost (Not bad for 3 newspapers.)

Rite Aid - Frames, last week

I told you I was tempted by those frames. I went a head and figured if I could find 10 frames total (at the original price of $4.99 or $5.00) I could use a $5 off $25 getting them FREE! I LOVE Rite Aid Sales! They're just awesome!

4 Frames @ $2.49 each = $9.96
6 Frames @ $2.50 each = $15.00
Colgate Pro Clinical $2.99
Total Before Coupons: $27.95

$5 off $25 purchase (Last Redplum IP, unless I find another in my papers)
$1/1 Colgate 4.0oz+
Total After Coupons: $21.95 (Used $12 +up)

10 $2 +up Frames
$2 +up Colgate
Net: $.05 profit/Free (add in $.53 tax, real cost was $.48! Still Good)

Bonus: Another $25 for the Gift of Savings = $5!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Saving Sunday - Mailbox!


~ Starbucks, the only item I actually had last week.

~ Coke, YEA! I love coke reward points. I'm buying all this coke anyway so why not get rewarded for my loyalty? Two coupons for a free 20oz drink. I'll save these for work.

~ Larry's Seasoning, looks good. Now I just need some chicken.

~ Sheetz. Not exactly sure how we got that one. It's addressed to Sweetheart's brother who he lived with before we moved in together. The brother doesn't drive and the nearest one to him is over an hour walk. And he doesn't drink coffee. I can have it! Sweet!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Rite Aid

Rite Aid hasn't been as fun as of late. I'm hoping they breath more life into their sales soon. It wasn't a bad week this week & I'm tempted to buy some picture frames. The Gift of Savings program is a nice perk. I already 'spent' $25 to reach the first $5! Sweet! My only issue is that I haven't been getting as many items for donations like I did before. Hoping things will start to pick up again after the holidays. In the mean time it means I picking up what I can for free & some items that I need.

Transaction 1:
4 Wet & Wild @ $1.99 each = $7.96
4 Wet & Wild @ $.99 each (BOGO 50%) = $3.96
3 Root Awakening 1.5oz @ $1.34 (10% discount) = $4.02
Total Before Coupons: $15.94

$5 off $10 Wet & Wild Purchase (All You magazine, I forget which issue)
Total After Coupons: $10.94 (Used $10 +up)

8 $1 +up Wet & Wild (yea!)
$5 SCR wyb 3 John Friedia products (works on the trail size ^_^)
Net: $2.06 profit

Transaction 2:
Chloraseptic $3.99
2 Colgate Pro Clinical @ $2.99 each = $5.98
Total Before Coupons: $9.97

$1/1 Chloraseptic
2 $1/1 Colgate 4.0oz+
Total After Coupons: $6.97

$1 +up Chloraseptic
$2 SCR Chloraseptic
2 $2 +up Colgate
Net: $.03profit/FREE

Bonus: $5 Gift of Savings!

Friday, December 10, 2010

CVS - Last week, this week

At the very end of last week I made a purchase. It was a special weekend for employees with the extra bonus savings! (30% off!) Friends & family were included in the deal if they got a special coupon from an employee. Each person received six hard copy coupons & was allowed to e-mail out three more. That was new this year. I am only sharing this as there are a few items I would have skipped if there had not been the additional discount. A few nice 'money makers' which I love!

No worries for non-employees. People should have received mailers/e-mails with a 20% off customer weekend coupons for this weekend. Another crazy weekend, but this time I'm not working it. (I hope . . . 'tis the season for falling ill.)

Transaction 1:
2 Revlon Files @ $3.19 each = $6.38
Revlon Nail Polish $5.49
2 Gas X Prevent @ $6.29 = $12.58
2 Gas X @ $5.79 = $11.58
Advil Liquid Gel 20ct $4.99
Cottonelle Wipes $3.89
Total Before Coupons: $44.91

DISCOUNT! $13.50 (always calculated before coupons)
Total After Discount: $31.41

2 $1/1 Revlon Implements/Tool (On Target site, but it's a MQ)
$4/1 Revlon Cosmetics CVS Q
2 $4/1 Gas X Prevent
2 $3/1 Gas X
Free Advil Liquid Gel 20ct or Caplets 24ct $4.99
Free Cottonelle Wipes $3.89
Total After Coupons: $2.53

$10 EB buy $20 Benefiber/Gas x ect
$5 EB wyb 2 Revlon (could have been slightly high if I only got one nail file, but I'm putting them in gift baskets.)
Net: $12.47 profit!

Transaction 2:
3 foot X-mas tree (not pictured) $14.99
X-mas Basket $5.99
Snow Caps $1.00
Total Before Coupons: $21.98

Total After Discount: $15.68

$5 off $20 X-mas Decore (before discount)
Total After Coupons: $10.68 (used a $9.99 EB, thus the snow caps)

Net: $10.68 cost
Grand Net: $10.68 cost + $12.47 profit = $1.79 profit!

This week I was excited for the coke sale. We were running very low! Also was more than happy to receive the coupon for the $2.50 planters flavor grove. (Also pictured is the EOS free after EB from last week.) I managed to grab the last one on the shelf. If your store doesn't have it get a raincheck. Also ask if they are willing to raincheck the coupon. YMMV for that. One store I work at does and the other one doesn't.

Friday, December 3, 2010

December Budget & Climbing

Burning Desire

I had absolutely every intention of having this up on the 1st of this month. My budget was already to go about a week before hand. I was excited at really giving this 'minimized' budget a go around. (Up 'til this point I still had auto withdraws for the 'extra' sections I planned in last month.) I was really looking forward to accelerating the pay off of my loans. Now . . . we'll see . . .

On Wednesday after getting home Sweetheart & I were a bit tired from working all day. (Getting up at 5:30am will do that to you.) So we decided to go out to eat. We hop into the my car and drove two or three 'blocks' down the road. Stopped at a red light to make a left. Just as we got the green arrow my car stopped. More specifically the engine stopped running.


Turn on the blinkers. Not happy. I'm stopped in the middle of a busy road and can't start my car. The vehicle behind me is not happy as my Sweetheart waves him around. Please remember, when someone puts on their blinkers chances are they are having problems. Don't go cursing them out for a car that will not start. Not their fault. *sighs*

I managed to get the car started again and make my left turn. Only one street up and there's a stop sign. Pause. Start to go through only to have the engine cut off again. WHAT?! Now we push the car to the side of the road. Turn on the blinkers and wait. After a minute or two start the car and let it idle for a bit. After another minute put her into drive, take the foot off the petal . . . no running engine.

ARGH! Thank goodness my mom got me AAA for my birthday. I'm never been so thankful in my life for AAA. I always thought of it as a 'discount club.' No more I say! If you don't have AAA get your rear in gear and get it! You never know what might happen on road. (I recommend the plus because of the 50 mile free towing.)

My mechanic looked at the car and couldn't find the problem. The coolant was low, but the car wasn't on that long for it to really be the problem. He cleaned out some other part and turned up the idle. Hopefully it's all fixed. I've been debating back and forth if I need to get a new to me car.

I've come to the conclusion that I at least need to save for a new car and fast. I really hope I can run Lizzy for another year at least. I do have my emergency fund, but rather not tap that to get a car. I'm going to be set back a little to get money for the car with paying the mechanic and for the car rental. I don't like where this is going.

I've felt so empowered knowing that I have one of my many loans paid off. (Within a few cents actually.) I was hoping to give that news latter because it was technically paid off this month, but I'm so frustrated! I wasn't happy to hear one of my co-workers respond to me "It's time you got into debt like the rest of America."

First, I'm in debt already. I've got student loans coming out my ears. If having to pay about $500 a month on student loans isn't debt, what the heck is? Second, I'm not 'the rest of America." I don't intend to be. That's not my goal. My goal is to be debt free. I was 15 when I was asked to write down a goal I had for when I became an adult. I said I wanted to be debt free by age 30. I still do! It seems a little unrealistic, but that doesn't mean I can't try. This is almost as demoralizing as my one friend telling me "I'll always have credit card debt." You don't have to. Why do people insist it's the only way to live?

Without Further Ado, The Budget:
Bills (Electric) $103
Bunnies $30 *Last month was more than what I needed, adjust
Car Insurance $42
Cellphone $30
Free Money $40 *Varies slightly depending on second job
Gas $190 *Gas went up almost $.20/gal in about two weeks. Ouch! Most of the money I was going to 'save' just got lost again.
Groceries $100
Rent $280
Savings $40 *Car? I'm considering it.
Student Loans $497 *May be reduced soon, not sure how the auto deduction will change.

Grand Total: $1372/month (Take home pay.)

Extra Funds Notes:
1. Health up to $28
2. Clothing up to $40
3. Saving for a Car $$ Everything else

*December will have a 5th pay week. All extra funds that week will go towards saving for a new to me car. All 'monthly' expenses (ie Rent, Loans, ect) are considered extra money for that week.

I'll climb straight up a wall if I have to.

Monthly Climb!!!
Grand Total Last Month: $44,304.82
New Grand Total: $43,528.26
Amount Paid Off: $776.56

It was a good month. One holiday plus the 5th pay day from the previous month. Extra clean in my checking account. Don't think I'll see these numbers again for a while. I should make a goal amount to save up to before looking for a car. I think I might be able to grab a decent one for $2000? Time to start talking with people. Thank goodness there are more holidays coming.

CVS - Another Late Post

I had ever intention of getting this done on Wednesday. Being that I had a good deal of car trouble (hopefully fixed?) I was unable to. Thursday is my long day and I was at work and paying for my car earlier today. *sighs* I'm also behind on budget posting & debt climbing. I will get to those after I finish with this.

Not much from CVS as of yet. (Shopped on Monday.) Friends & Family weekend is this weekend and I plan to take advantage of it. Normally our discount isn't that high so I might splurge on an item or two.

Complete Contact Solution $9.99
3 First Aid Travel Kits @ $.99 each = $2.97
Total Before Coupons: $12.96

$3/3 Johnson & Johnson first aid products (expired 11/30)
Total After Coupons: $9.99

$9.99 EB Complete


Also of note pictures for the free EOS Balm. Wish I had a better picture, but I only had my phone along with me.

Many stores have this located in the cough & cold aisle along with the other lip care items. One of the stores I work at has it up near the skin care. If you're not sure just as one of the CVS employees where the power wing is located.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy Chaukkah!

Only picture I have at the moment. Where's my camera?

Monday, November 29, 2010

Rite Aid Runs

Not much going on at Rite Aid this week. (Not from what I've seen any who . . .) I only managed to make one stop at Rite Aid before Thanksgiving last week. I REALLY wanted to go and get some of the Black Friday sales, but I worked every day of the Black Friday sales! I was going to go on Saturday, as it had been a scheduled day off. Someone at work was sick so I ended up going in that morning and then rushed off to my parents for my Thanksgiving dinner. (PUMPKIN PIE! How I adore you!!)

There was an excellent deal on Planter Nuts last week. $3.99 each with $2+up for $1.99 a piece. To make the deal sweeter there was a mystery +up of $5 printing. My dad loves cashews and mom tries to get him some for his stocking every year. I figured I could pick some up so she wouldn't have to pay for them. YEA!

4 Planters Nuts @ $3.99 each = $15.96 (two for dad, two for me!)
2 6x4inch Magnet Frame @ $1.79 (10% discount) each = $3.58
~I heard these were printing $3 +up. Maybe not this specific sku. I returned them latter.
AMO Complete Contact solution $7.99
Motrin PM 20ct $4.00
Total Before Coupons: $31.53

$5 off $25+ purchase
$2/1 Motrin
Total After Coupons: $24.53 (used $8 +up & $16.53 cash)

Received/Will Receive:
4 $2 +up Planters Nuts
$5 +up mystery (must purchase 4 Planters)
$7.99 SCR AMO Complete
$2.00 SCR Motring
Net: $1.54 cost

New Net: $2.04 profit

Today's transaction are gifts for some guy friends. I was happy to hear that the Gillette Fusion Shave Collection is included in the $9.00 sale with $5 +up back! Now the limit on them is two. I have three friends in mind and went ahead and used a $5 off $25 to compensate for that fact. W00T! I really love Rite Aid sometimes.

3 Gillette Fusion Shave Collection @ $9.00 each = $27.00
Total before Coupons: $27.00

$5 off $25 purchase
3 $4/1 Gillette Fusion
Total After Coupons: $10.00 (Used $8 +up from last week.)

2 $5 +up
Net: FREE! (okay I paid $.12 tax, but I'm not complaining.)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Saving Sunday - Mailbox!

~A bit small this week. Something is better than nothing. ^_^

Friday, November 26, 2010

CVS - Little Trip, BIG TRIP

All the excitement this week is centered around Black Friday. (Or in the case of the drugstores Thanksgiving.) CVS started the week out with two small freebies. While these freebies were also offered with the Black Friday ad they had a different code event for the two separate ads this week. YEAH! Free twice over is nice.

I'm not going to elaborate here on the exact details of my transactions except for some minor changes as to the 'instructions' at Simply CVS has for $5 or less out of pocket scenario. (See here.) I will note the changes below.

~Transaction 1: No coupon for the Carmex Lip Balm. Darn! LOL.
~Transaction 4: Excedrin instead of the Advil. We were out when I walked in the door just before starting my shift at 2pm. (I'm told it was BUSY in the morning!)
~Transaction 7: No Excedrin. (Bought in transaction 4) Instead bought a pack of Wheat Thins for $.99 to go along with my lunch. (Not pictured.) Also skipped buying an additional $1.21 to save extra bucks for latter.

This was fun to do when it was quiet and dull for a while. My co-worker who rang me up was really impressed. He said he might have to start checking out these deal blogs I mentioned. ^_^

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saving Sunday - Mailbox!

I missed out on this last week. To much to do. *sighs* If only my schedule could be the same every week. Being in retail means that is not likely. At least it means be open on holidays and get time & a half. ^_^ YEAH!


~The Eagle's shirt is from Rite Aid. They are running specials with some teams linked to specific areas where you buy $x between y and z you get a shirt. You can't pick the team, but my Dad LOVES the Eagle's. I plan on giving it to him as a X-mas gift. I have something else in mind for him, but this will be nice for him as well.

~Three samples from Target! Wisk, Moisture Rescue & a trash bag! Hoping to see many more in the future. Fingers crossed for Target coupons so I can combine with manufacture coupons.

~Barilla PLUS game bowl & coupon for free pasta. Also came with BOGO coupons. I'm hoping to spy a good sale within the next month. If not I'll just use the free coupon. I'm stocked up on pasta otherwise for the moment.

~Dunkin Dounuts, one last birthday freebie. No need to buy, just stop in for a free drink. I like the fact I've got longer to use it. One problem with a lot of Birthday coupons is you only have a week. As busy as I am there's not enough time. I think there is one of these on the way to my new store. Sweet!

Rite Aid

It finally happened. I was wonder when it would be asked where I worked. While I've mostly gotten over my nervousness of shopping Rite Aid and feeling almost traitorous I wasn't sure how Rite Aid employees would see it.

I try to be very organized with my coupons and like to double check as I put things up that I've got all the matching items for the coupons. (Particularly when I have a lot and end up using multiples.) The cashier was appreciative of this as I pair up BOGO deodorants of the same price with BOGO coupons. I told her it annoys me as a cashier when people don't get the right things, too many coupons or not enough coupons. (Which leads them very frustrated when the total is higher than expected. Now I leave all coupons on the counter until after the sale is completed. I'm okay with an honest mistake, but trying to tell me you can use two BOGO coupons between three items just irritates me. You need four items to use two BOGO coupons! Argh.)

"Where do you work?"


Laughter, "Oh my. Why are you shopping here?"

"I like to donate things. If I can get a good deal then that's where I shop."

At this point another employee and a manager start chiming in. They are also surprised. I talked a little about where exactly I work. More on why I shop Rite Aid and grinned all the way. I don't know if they'll look at me differently or not. Only time will tell. LOL. The cashier was very happy to take my coupons and seemed more excited than usual for the good deals I was getting. I hope that kind of response continues. It's refreshing. ^_^

So what exactly did I get?

4 Right Guard BOGO @ $3.29 each = $6.58
4 Dry Idea BOGO @ $4.29 each = $8.58
6 Blistex @ $1.50 each = $9.00
3 Olay Soap 2pk (BOGO 1/2 off) 2 @ $3.59, 1 @ $1.79 = $8.97
3 Trail Size Secret Deodorant @ $1.29 each = $3.87
Total Before Coupons: $37.00

4 BOGO Right Guard/Dry Idea 2 @ $3.29, 2 @ $4.29 ($15.16)
3 $1/2 Blistex ($3)
3 $5/1 Olay Soap/Body Wash wyb Secret ($15)
Total After Coupons: $3.85 (If I had thought about it I would have thrown on another Olay 4 pk and used a $5 off $25. Oh well.)

3 $1 +up Blistex
Net: $.85

I had expected more $1 +up as the rumor was you got two when you bought 2 Blistex. Either Rite Aid caught on & fixed it or I reached a limit. Ah well. All that for $.85 isn't bad. I just wished I thought about the $5 off $25+ sooner.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


As I am trying to purchase more of my items from my 'new' store it means for the moment that these postings will be latter in the week most of the time. (More support for the store I will be working at full time beginning in January.) I usually can shop on Wednesday or Thursday. My current goal is to get these trips up late Wednesday, but no latter than Friday morning.

The vitality toothbrushes were out of stock. No surprise as it's the 'big' item so many people want to get. I had planned on getting the Skippy Peanut Butter, but we were out of the chunky. I keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrow, or I'll just get a rain check.

I got lucky and grabbed the last Fiber one chocolate chewy bars from the shelf. They weren't signed, but were included in the sale. YEAH! Also picked up two cans of pumpkin. I'm hoping to make some 'pudding' or pie filling. I don't much care for pie crust, but I love the filling!

There were some good clearance finds this week. In addition to some of the cosmetics of L'Oreal individual pieces of the skin care line are on 75% clearance. One of the Go 360 Clean line is apart of it. Only that specific one though. (Pink & white in color.) As there are coupons on one of the online printable sites ( maybe?) for $1/1 Go 360 Clean I scored two for under a $1 each!

My manager ('new' store, the 'old' store still has these at full price) wants to clear out of the sample size Vaseline lotion fast. It was put on our clearance end cap for $.25 each! $1/1 no size restrictions in the paper this past week that meant four for each coupon. Sweet! If you don't seem them on clearance you'll still be able to score one for free.

Fiber One Bars $3.99
12 1oz Vaseline lotion @ $.25 each = $3.00
2 L'Oreal Go 360 Clean @ $1.87 each = $3.74 (Regular price $7.49 to give you an idea)
2 Libby's Pumpkin 15oz @ $1.29 = $2.58
Total Before Coupons: $13.31

$.50/1 Fiber One Bars ( Some where on the internet)
3 $1/1 Vaseline lotion (no size restriction!, $3)
2 $1/1 L'Oreal go 360 Clean ($2)
Total After Coupons: $7.81

$3 EB Fiber One Bars
Net: $4.81 (Go Clearance!)

101 Posts!

I just noticed that my previous post was my 100th post! It amazes me how much I enjoy doing all this shopping for deals & posting them along with my debt climb. Now if only I could be a bit more consistent with the posting. Hopefully I can make myself out a schedule soon.

I missed my normal Sunday post rushing to get to work and then over night at my parents so I could see my mom in the hospital. She had a breast reduction (choice: breast reduction or more fusions in her neck) and there were some minor complications. That's actually really good for her, because usually she ends up with major complications and ends up there for almost a week.

In one of our conversations she was telling me how wonderful it was to breath while lying on her back. Can you image suffocating because your body made your breast to big? Makes me wonder how much I take for granted. (Such as my health in general.)

So congrats to Mutti on her breast reduction and yea for me & my blog!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Drugstore Shopping: CVS & Rite Aid

I was planning on doing this much sooner, but as I was called in to pick up extra hours at the store further away I ran out of time. That's okay because Rite Aid got the men's Nivea body wash back in stock. I hate it when the run out of stock and it's only Monday! ARGH! Any who . . .

CVS was a bit lack luster this week in general. I was happy to see the coke back on sale at a descent price again. 4 for $13 and $3 extra bucks back is nice. We've been out of coke for two or three weeks and Sweetheart has been thirsty for his. I was happy to finally see the Gain dish soap on sale at CVS. More often than not when the new product comes out I see it on sale at CVS before I see it other places. Rite Aid beat out CVS big time. (It was on sale two or three times before CVS had their sales!) The other thing I picked up this week was the multi-pack of mesh sponges. I'm going to break this apart into gift baskets.

4 Coke 12pk @ $3.25 each = $13.00
Gain Dish Soap $.89
Mesh sponge multi-pack $4.99
Total Before Coupons: $18.88

$.89/1 Gain Dish Soap
Total After Coupons: $17.99

$3 EB Coke
Net: $14.99 (Not the best week, but it's Coke and I had EB to spend.)

After a break from Rite Aid due to the uninteresting sales I've ventured back again. First disapointment when the body wash was out of stock to only slight frustration because the other kind of toothpaste on sale was out of stock. Geerrr . . . Rite Aid Trip:

3 Men's Nivea Body Wash @ $3.99 each = $11.97
3 Women's Nivea Body wash @ $3.99 each = $11.97
Crest Scope Toothpaste $2.99
Total Before coupons: $26.93

$5 off $25 purchase RA (only one from Redplum printable)
3 $3/1 Men's Nivea Body Wash ($9)
$2/1 Nivea Body Wash (Form an All You Magazine, I forget which issue)
$3/2 Women's Nivea Body Wash (I love you Nivea, but why do the men get better coupons?)
$1/1 Crest 4.0oz+
Total After Coupons: $6.93

6 $1 +up
$2.99 +up Crest
Net: $2.06 profit

In other news I spotted these signs at CVS with the L'Oreal cosmetics. Some lines are being discontinued. Better hurry if it's something you really like, it's going to be gone, gone gone!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Quick Trip To Gaint

I normally don't post to many of my grocery store trips. I usually go about once a week or once every two weeks depending on how well stocked up we are. Just picking up some basics this week: bread, cottage cheese, bananas. I ended up with more produce because Gaint has a $1 off $5 produce purchase. While there I looked for Wholly Guacamole as they are offering a $4/1 coupon which makes for a really cheap product or free. The Wholly Queso was BOGO @ $4.99 and I found $1/1 peelies on them. FREE! W00T! so lunch is consisting of veggies dipped in the queso and an egg.

I don't buy Tropicana, but Gaint sent out coupons in the mail for a free one if you make a $15 purchase this week. I'll take free. There was also a coupon for free Eggo Waffles, however I'm still working on the last batch. (See here.) If you were lucky Gaint had double coupons in their flier inside the Sunday paper. That means $4 to me! Also I picked up the Pilsbury bisckets that are $.53 each. Gaint is participating in the Catalina when you buy 6 you get a $3 off you next order. Sweet! Six small cans for $.18!

The reason I'm posting is I was surprised when I rang up at the self checkout for $38.xx before coupons. I am almost never that high, ever! Turns out if there are special deals were you must buy in bulk to get $ off it will not show up until your done with coupons at the self checkout. Same goes for BOGO. After all was said and done my total came down to $13.81. ($13.81 - $3.00 cat = $10.81!) *dances* I love couponing.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Saving Sunday - Mailbox!


~ My P&G quarterly samples/coupons came in on Saturday. YEAH! More tampons & some pads. Not all bad though. P&G has great coupons and is the company I most often get free or close to free products on all the time between sales & coupons.

~ Night Food, my mother told me these are fantastic! I'm going to try one on a day I don't have to get up and then I think I will let her have the other one. She has trouble sleeping sometimes.

~ Florida's Natural wasn't actually a sample, but did have a $1 coupon. I already used it. ^_^ This is one of two brands that I buy. I LOVE this orange juice.

~ Tide, actually this one is from Target. My first Target mail freebie! I hope there will be lots more to come.

~ Radio Survey, anyone remember when I got a mailer with $3 cash about TV? Well I gave it to my Sweetheart and he filled it on out. (With an additional $5 after.) He was invited to fill out a radio survey and could enlist other household members. Another $2 each and a bonus after completing the survey. Awesome!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cheap Date

Sometimes it's fun to have a really cheap date. McDonald's recently had their traditional Monopoly game going one. Sweetheart & I ventured over once a week to take a chance. In the process we won some 'free' items. We decided to use up some fry & McFlurry coupons. There was also a coupon for a free sandwich from KFC when you buy a 30oz drink. Normally I don't want something that large but it made for a cheap meal. Sweetheart instead on getting some biscuits, but $.99 for two isn't that bad.

Total cost $5.07.
A yummy dinner with my Sweetheart = priceless. ^_^
(Too many commercials I tell you!)

CVS - Late Post

When I use any vacation time I try and stay far away from CVS as possible. Why on earth would I want to go anywhere near the place that I spend almost a third of life at? ~ Think about it 5 days a week about 8 hours a day. 8 hours is one third of a day! Yikes! We spend almost as much time sleeping as we do working. ~ With that being said I didn't make my sale purchases until latter this week. (Like Thursday & yesterday?) So it's a bit belated: here we go!

Transaction 1 (At my 'new' store):
Dawn dish soap $.97
2 M&M @ $.89 each = $1.78
M&M $0.00 (Buy 2 get 1 free)
Schick Hydro 5 $8.97
Schick Shaving Cream $4.29 (this is a higher priced store)
Total Before Coupons: $16.01

$1/1 Dawn Hand Renewal ('Organize In Style' Mailed coupon, card scanned in the middle of the transaction so it took this off a a 'full' priced item)
2 $.89/1 M&M ($1.78, mailed to me from a game a while back)
$4/1 Schick Hydro 5
$4.29/1 Schick Hydro Shaving Cream (I'll remember to remind cashier to look for maximum allowed value next time. Pay Attention! Although I should have as well.)
Total After Coupons: $4.94

$4 EB Schick Hydro 5
Net: $.94 cost (- $.25 Green Bag Tag)

Transaction 2 ('old' store):
Cold Buster $8.99
Olay Body Wash $7.00
Secret Deodorant $1.49 (Trail Size!)
2 Oral-B Pulsar @ $4.99 each = $9.98
Total Before Coupons: $27.46

$5/1 Olay Body Wash wyb Secret Deodorant
2 $3/1 Oral-B ($6.00)
Total After Coupons: $16.46

$8.99 EB Cold Buster
$3.00 EB Olay Body wash
$4.00 EB Oral-B ($2.00 from each)
Net: $.47 cost (- $.25 Green Bag Tag)

Not a bad week over all. ^_^

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Donation Box

While my Sweetheart was sick on my birthday I decided to pull out the items I had set aside for donation and catalog them. I don't really need to do this, but I like having the records on hand for when I feel down about being unable to give my time or my money. (No regular schedule and a little tight on funds to give as much as I would like.) After writing it all down I counted 70 items! These are all form the month of September and October. It's slowed down a good bit lately, but I'm hoping it will pick up again soon. Now if I can just get a semi-normal/regular schedule I can actually try and plan things out.

Monday, November 1, 2010

November Budget & Climbing

Today didn't go quiet as planned. I was going to try and drum up some shopping scenarios for Rite aid & CVS this morning, but there was water pouring from the tub faucet non-stop! So instead of shopping I ended up sleeping as Sweetheart waited for a repairman to show up. (I would have been up if I had taken him into work) Apparently this little rubber washer that holds the water back snapped off. Oh joy . . . At least we live in an apartment so we don't need to worry about paying a plumber or something.

It was running like this. (Pardon the grim.)

Bills (Electric) $103
Bunnies $40
Car Insurance $42
Cellphone $30
Free Money $60 *Varies slightly depending on second job
Gas $180
Groceries $100
Rent $280
Savings $40
Student Loans $497

Grand Total: $1372/month (Take home pay.)

As I have two CVS stores to coordinate with I have made some adjustments in case I don't get all the hours I need to make budget. I don't think I'll be off by more than an hour or two, but I don't want to be left with my head spinning if for some reason I end up with a five hour defecate or something. So I selected 3 categories I could hold off on putting in extra money if I had to. There are other places to cut back such as Free Money (trying to go with less will throw me over budget and then I might think 'forget it!') or Savings (which I plan on using to fill in gaps if I need to on the following categories), but they are not plausible for me.

1. Car repairs/upkeep $60 ~ I have extra in an account right now for the car. I can readily justify using emergency money toward this category if I need to.
2. Health $28 ~ Honestly not really worried, but you never know.
3. Clothing $40 ~ I think I got my absolute essentials for the time being. I want to ask for Gift Cards so I can buy clothing after the holidays.
4. Pay Off Loans! ~ Anything over and beyond will go towards paying off student loans.

Grand Total + 'extras' = $1500/month (Take Home Pay)

Mozart was always getting herself into high spaces. It always amazed me how far she could jump straight up. Then she would turn around and do something so klutzy I knew she was my cat. Mozart, I still miss you

Monthly Climb!
Grand Total Last Month: $44,560.87
New Grand Total: $44,304.82
Amount Paid Off: $256.05

What a SLOW month! Notice it's $497/month and I've only paid off $256.05? Where the heck does it all go?! One dreaded word when it's your debt . . . Interest. I didn't have much in extra funds at all this month. No holidays, no extra pay checks going to monthly expenses from the month prior, no over time and hardly any extra cash in (less than $1 each week) in the normal pay checks. Ouch!

Next time should be a lot better.
1. October had an extra pay period. Just need to wait for everything to clear.
2. There are two paid holidays in November and I'm working both of them. I'm not taking off an extra day for one of the weeks. (Although one of the pay checks won't show up until December.)
3. I got my tax refund from the county finally! I thought it would never come. I'm using some for birthday and holidays gifts. $200 straight to loan payment!
4. I hoping to 'rebalance' my main bank account again as it appears to be to much extra money in it. I'm not sure how it happened so I need to retrace my steps. Might have missed a few extra dollars here and there. Also I didn't use gas money up to the penny or grocery money. Now that groceries are in cash I just need to figure out the gas money.