Sunday, December 26, 2010

Saving Sunday - Mailbox & More!


~Excedrin Coupons! W00t! Two free and one $3.50/1 this will be great! I think CVS or Rite Aid will have some kind of deal on these really soon to make this such a sweet deal. ^_^

~Purina, dog food samples are always welcomed at my parents house. (Epically since Noel would eat us out of house and home if we let her.)

Pictured above are some clothes from a friend of a friend. I'm in desperate need of pants at the moment and these could not have come at a better time. I haven't tried everything on as of yet, but I believe that all of the clothing should fit. Some pieces aren't my favorite color, but who am I to judge? They were free and I'm thankful I'm able to get clothing in such great shape.

I was also was in need of shoes. Thanks to Common Sense With Money, one of the blogs I follow I was alerted to a great deal on Sketchers shape-ups, 2 for $60! (Just one would have been $40, 25% off wyb 2.) I've been saving up my amazon e-cards from Swag Bucks just for something like this. In the end I paid about $35.00 total! That's an amazing deal for Sketchers. I'll be set on shoes until next year.

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