Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Rite Aid - Catchup

Time to catchup to the current week of deals at Rite Aid. Nothing to crazy this week. I need to try & roll some +ups or turn them back into cash. I made one bigger purchase on Saturday to do just that. Before anyone asks, no I don't have a MyGrid. Too many ups to try and roll, so this was an easy +ups to cash. Now if only the rest would be so simple.

7 Revlon Emery Boards @ $.75 each = $5.25
Revlon Nail Clippers $.87
MyGrid Power Clip Universal $26.99 (10% discount)
Total: $33.11 (used $33 +up, no tax)

No Coupons ~ Could have used a $5 off $25, but with all the buzz about coupons being legit or not I've decided to stay far away from these.

Received/Will Receive:
4 $2 +up wyb 2 Revlon
$25 SCR MyGrid Power Clip
Net: $.11 cost

Clearsil Overnight Serum $5.49 (50% clearance)
Clearsil Vanishing Cream $5.66 (10% discount)
Total Before Coupons: $11.15

$2/1 Clearsil IP (coupons says limit one per customer)
$5/1 Clearsil in-ad Night
$2/1 Clearsil in-ad
Total After Coupons: $2.15 (Used $2+up, no tax)

2 $2+Up Clearsil
Net: $1.85 profit

To bad they were out of the Mortin PM 20ct & the Loreal 360 clearance. If only I had more time to hop through the different stores this week. Also out of the 'free' pick up sticks & I didn't see any of the 'fishing' games.

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