Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Making Gift Baskets

I decided to gift baskets for my friends this year. (My first attempt at this.) I'm short on funds because of the car trouble and worried about having to possibly dip into my emergency fund. So far, so good. If nothing else packaging up these gift baskets means less money my friends have to spend. They shrug off my couponing talk and just aren't interested. (Or at least they don't appear to be.)

1. Gather all possible goodies to see what you can make of it. (That's a lot of stuff!)

2. Make a selection.

3. Start packing it up. I used the funnies from the paper as filler to lift up smaller items. To make it festive I put a layer of tissue paper over top. (Not that you can see it mind after all the stuff goes in it.)

4. Have fun with the arrangement!

5. Sometimes it has to be left behind. (Just couldn't make it look nice without just shoving it in. Sometimes less is more.)

6. Wrap her up!

Bonus! The Guy's stuff. (Not pictures are the raiser starter sets. See here.)

These were fairly well received. Some people were poking fun at the items. ("Are you saying I smell?" "She got me Toilet Paper!") Coming from my friends it more than likely means acceptance, although it's always hard for me to take the teasing. I get WAY too serious about it.

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