Friday, December 10, 2010

CVS - Last week, this week

At the very end of last week I made a purchase. It was a special weekend for employees with the extra bonus savings! (30% off!) Friends & family were included in the deal if they got a special coupon from an employee. Each person received six hard copy coupons & was allowed to e-mail out three more. That was new this year. I am only sharing this as there are a few items I would have skipped if there had not been the additional discount. A few nice 'money makers' which I love!

No worries for non-employees. People should have received mailers/e-mails with a 20% off customer weekend coupons for this weekend. Another crazy weekend, but this time I'm not working it. (I hope . . . 'tis the season for falling ill.)

Transaction 1:
2 Revlon Files @ $3.19 each = $6.38
Revlon Nail Polish $5.49
2 Gas X Prevent @ $6.29 = $12.58
2 Gas X @ $5.79 = $11.58
Advil Liquid Gel 20ct $4.99
Cottonelle Wipes $3.89
Total Before Coupons: $44.91

DISCOUNT! $13.50 (always calculated before coupons)
Total After Discount: $31.41

2 $1/1 Revlon Implements/Tool (On Target site, but it's a MQ)
$4/1 Revlon Cosmetics CVS Q
2 $4/1 Gas X Prevent
2 $3/1 Gas X
Free Advil Liquid Gel 20ct or Caplets 24ct $4.99
Free Cottonelle Wipes $3.89
Total After Coupons: $2.53

$10 EB buy $20 Benefiber/Gas x ect
$5 EB wyb 2 Revlon (could have been slightly high if I only got one nail file, but I'm putting them in gift baskets.)
Net: $12.47 profit!

Transaction 2:
3 foot X-mas tree (not pictured) $14.99
X-mas Basket $5.99
Snow Caps $1.00
Total Before Coupons: $21.98

Total After Discount: $15.68

$5 off $20 X-mas Decore (before discount)
Total After Coupons: $10.68 (used a $9.99 EB, thus the snow caps)

Net: $10.68 cost
Grand Net: $10.68 cost + $12.47 profit = $1.79 profit!

This week I was excited for the coke sale. We were running very low! Also was more than happy to receive the coupon for the $2.50 planters flavor grove. (Also pictured is the EOS free after EB from last week.) I managed to grab the last one on the shelf. If your store doesn't have it get a raincheck. Also ask if they are willing to raincheck the coupon. YMMV for that. One store I work at does and the other one doesn't.

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  1. Okay, Taika, you have me hungry for those snow caps! I haven't seen those. I remember as a little girl I would save my money for the rare times we got to go to the movies and I'd get that type of candy. Thanks for the memories:-). And thanks for linking up your CVS shopping trip at Simply CVS.