Sunday, November 7, 2010

Saving Sunday - Mailbox!


~ My P&G quarterly samples/coupons came in on Saturday. YEAH! More tampons & some pads. Not all bad though. P&G has great coupons and is the company I most often get free or close to free products on all the time between sales & coupons.

~ Night Food, my mother told me these are fantastic! I'm going to try one on a day I don't have to get up and then I think I will let her have the other one. She has trouble sleeping sometimes.

~ Florida's Natural wasn't actually a sample, but did have a $1 coupon. I already used it. ^_^ This is one of two brands that I buy. I LOVE this orange juice.

~ Tide, actually this one is from Target. My first Target mail freebie! I hope there will be lots more to come.

~ Radio Survey, anyone remember when I got a mailer with $3 cash about TV? Well I gave it to my Sweetheart and he filled it on out. (With an additional $5 after.) He was invited to fill out a radio survey and could enlist other household members. Another $2 each and a bonus after completing the survey. Awesome!

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