Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saving Sunday - Mailbox!

I missed out on this last week. To much to do. *sighs* If only my schedule could be the same every week. Being in retail means that is not likely. At least it means be open on holidays and get time & a half. ^_^ YEAH!


~The Eagle's shirt is from Rite Aid. They are running specials with some teams linked to specific areas where you buy $x between y and z you get a shirt. You can't pick the team, but my Dad LOVES the Eagle's. I plan on giving it to him as a X-mas gift. I have something else in mind for him, but this will be nice for him as well.

~Three samples from Target! Wisk, Moisture Rescue & a trash bag! Hoping to see many more in the future. Fingers crossed for Target coupons so I can combine with manufacture coupons.

~Barilla PLUS game bowl & coupon for free pasta. Also came with BOGO coupons. I'm hoping to spy a good sale within the next month. If not I'll just use the free coupon. I'm stocked up on pasta otherwise for the moment.

~Dunkin Dounuts, one last birthday freebie. No need to buy, just stop in for a free drink. I like the fact I've got longer to use it. One problem with a lot of Birthday coupons is you only have a week. As busy as I am there's not enough time. I think there is one of these on the way to my new store. Sweet!

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