Monday, November 1, 2010

November Budget & Climbing

Today didn't go quiet as planned. I was going to try and drum up some shopping scenarios for Rite aid & CVS this morning, but there was water pouring from the tub faucet non-stop! So instead of shopping I ended up sleeping as Sweetheart waited for a repairman to show up. (I would have been up if I had taken him into work) Apparently this little rubber washer that holds the water back snapped off. Oh joy . . . At least we live in an apartment so we don't need to worry about paying a plumber or something.

It was running like this. (Pardon the grim.)

Bills (Electric) $103
Bunnies $40
Car Insurance $42
Cellphone $30
Free Money $60 *Varies slightly depending on second job
Gas $180
Groceries $100
Rent $280
Savings $40
Student Loans $497

Grand Total: $1372/month (Take home pay.)

As I have two CVS stores to coordinate with I have made some adjustments in case I don't get all the hours I need to make budget. I don't think I'll be off by more than an hour or two, but I don't want to be left with my head spinning if for some reason I end up with a five hour defecate or something. So I selected 3 categories I could hold off on putting in extra money if I had to. There are other places to cut back such as Free Money (trying to go with less will throw me over budget and then I might think 'forget it!') or Savings (which I plan on using to fill in gaps if I need to on the following categories), but they are not plausible for me.

1. Car repairs/upkeep $60 ~ I have extra in an account right now for the car. I can readily justify using emergency money toward this category if I need to.
2. Health $28 ~ Honestly not really worried, but you never know.
3. Clothing $40 ~ I think I got my absolute essentials for the time being. I want to ask for Gift Cards so I can buy clothing after the holidays.
4. Pay Off Loans! ~ Anything over and beyond will go towards paying off student loans.

Grand Total + 'extras' = $1500/month (Take Home Pay)

Mozart was always getting herself into high spaces. It always amazed me how far she could jump straight up. Then she would turn around and do something so klutzy I knew she was my cat. Mozart, I still miss you

Monthly Climb!
Grand Total Last Month: $44,560.87
New Grand Total: $44,304.82
Amount Paid Off: $256.05

What a SLOW month! Notice it's $497/month and I've only paid off $256.05? Where the heck does it all go?! One dreaded word when it's your debt . . . Interest. I didn't have much in extra funds at all this month. No holidays, no extra pay checks going to monthly expenses from the month prior, no over time and hardly any extra cash in (less than $1 each week) in the normal pay checks. Ouch!

Next time should be a lot better.
1. October had an extra pay period. Just need to wait for everything to clear.
2. There are two paid holidays in November and I'm working both of them. I'm not taking off an extra day for one of the weeks. (Although one of the pay checks won't show up until December.)
3. I got my tax refund from the county finally! I thought it would never come. I'm using some for birthday and holidays gifts. $200 straight to loan payment!
4. I hoping to 'rebalance' my main bank account again as it appears to be to much extra money in it. I'm not sure how it happened so I need to retrace my steps. Might have missed a few extra dollars here and there. Also I didn't use gas money up to the penny or grocery money. Now that groceries are in cash I just need to figure out the gas money.

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