Friday, October 22, 2010

Target - Second Chance?

A while back (see here) Target was having issues with coupons and I decided not to go back until it was fixed. While it's not fixed as of yet I still needed to buy a few bras because my others are so worn. If I'm going to be there any way why not?

I decided I would try my luck with some coupons and see what happened. I had read about a Jell-o deal on Totally Target. Once again it was not correct. I didn't catch it until I made it home and I'm not wasting my gas for a lousy $.16! I did not notice because I got to excited about free dog food which I saw on Students Saving Bucks. Completely forgot those were in the inserts not that long ago. At least Noel & Dixie will be happy. (Maybe I should get more of those coupons?)

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