Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Finally! I made this purchase on Sunday, but haven't had a chance until now to get around to it. Nothing major this week. I will pick up my toothpaste when I head to work next. Colgate is my preferred brand, but I can't seem to pick it up free as easily as Crest. Ah well, more for my small stash. ^_^

The back to school clearance is now 90%! My store missed out on some back to school candy and found it with the Halloween candy. Most were originally priced at $.99 making them $.09 each! I figured with all the free candy I've already got I don't need any more. Several customers were thrilled and are planning to hand them out on Halloween.

I've decided to try multiple binders (one for each month on a rotating 6-month) for my coupons. I tried putting them in hanging folders, but they sag and curl up on themselves. It annoys me! I don't know why. Maybe because it makes it more difficult to flip through the pages. Reduced to $.34 each I had to grab these!

4 1" Binders @ $.34 each = $1.36
2 CVS (Calibur) Note Books @ $.39 each = $.78
Clips 2pk Pack $.09 (Although it's technically $1?)
Cotton Candy $.09 (One of those clearance 'candies'!)
Brachs Candy Corn $.99
Dawn Dish Soap $.97
Total Before Coupons: $4.28

$.99/1 Brachs from the coupon center
$.97/1 Dawn (Adjust down from $1.00)
Total After Coupons: $2.32 cost

I'm hoping for a second Brach coupon latter in the week. Most of the 'one day only' coupons of this nature print twice if I grab it on Sunday/Monday and then on Thursday/Friday. It happened with the $5 Halloween coupon, Starbucks Coffee and Lysol Wipes coupons in the past. I'm hoping for a continued pattern.

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  1. Great Clearance finds! I am seeing reports of people already getting three of the Brach's candy coupons. I haven't been back yet.
    Thanks for linking up your CVS shopping trip at Simply CVS.