Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Working at a New Store!

I'm very excited to be working at a different store. I needed a change of some kind as I've been a bit frustrated of late. The long drives were killing me! Seriously, when you worry over $.10/gal increase in gas is going to throw off your budget big time you know there's a problem. Well I've been keeping a close eye on those prices around here and they've been going up. YIKES!

The drive isn't anything special but it takes less than half time to get there. It's wonderful! Not having to drive 50 minutes to a hour is fantastic! We'll see how I like it two or three months down the road, but for now it's a little piece of heaven.

This store also has a lower volume. I'd say my 'old' store did about 2.5x as much front store business and 2x the scripts at least. I actually kind of like it. I need something a little bit more slowed down of late as I feel like I'm wearing out. (Over 9 years in a supper busy store is tiring after a while! That's why I enjoyed my 6 months on night shift.) I'm still working a few days at the 'old' store a week because there aren't enough hours. That's all right, perhaps once the new year begins I can find another store that is also closer to pick up the other days if the hour budget doesn't increase.

Today I made my first purchase at the 'new' store. ^_^ I was going to get a Schick Hydro as well, but they (we? which do I use now?) were out of the shaving cream.

I bought:
3 Mentos 15ct @ $1.79 each = $5.37
3 Mentos 15ct $0.00 (BOGO Sale!)
Nuetrogena Triple Moisture $7.49
Total Before Coupons: $12.86

6 $1/1 Mentos 15ct+
Total After Coupons: $6.86

$8 EB Nuetrogena
~These did not print. Went back to the shelf and rechecked the product I grabbed. I grabbed the one that had been signed. Brought the sign up to the register and the cashier looked it over and forced printed the extra bucks. Now I'm wondering looking through the blogs again if the incorrect Nuetrogena was signed. *sighs* Ah well.
Net: $1.14 profit (+ $.25 green bag tag scan)

Oh! Be on the look out for a coupon to print at the bottom of your receipt for a free pack of the new Extra Dessert Delights gum! I got mine on Monday! (Old store only got in two flavors on Monday, new store hasn't gotten them in yet.)

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  1. Sounds like a nice change for you. I hope it lives up to your expectations. Nice transaction, too. Thanks for linking up your CVS shopping trip at Simply CVS.