Sunday, October 24, 2010

Saving Sunday - Mailbox!


~Pet Food: I LOVE coupons for free full sized products! The pet food coupon isn't really for me, but my mom. The Girls love me! ^_^

~There was a brief rumor that the Pringles sample on Facebook was a hoax, but it's not! I really enjoy Pringles, but I try to avoid them usually as I can eat an entire can in one sitting. (They are expensive to boot.)

~Chilli's: The GC is $5. I 'bought' it with My Coke Rewards. As I already buy coke it's free to me. To bad it's limit one per person.

~Playtex: I swear I can hardly go a month without getting a sample or two for tampons.

My only compliant about the lot is the Alive. I really love samples in the mail, but one pill? I thought a standard does was two pills? So I'm suppose to like your product on half a dose? Strikes me as a bit odd, but oh well. To the emergency supply it goes.

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