Saturday, October 2, 2010

October Budget & Climbing

No real changes from last month. One slight change will be where the cash for the rabbits comes from. I had been lumping in one account with the electric, but have lot track of how much was set aside for Snickers & Skittles. My part time job doesn't have direct deposit so I need to go to the bank any way. That's the week I take out my cash for everything I need. So into a new envelope the Bunnies budget goes.

Bills (Electric) $103
Bunnies $40
Car Insurance $42
Car repairs/upkeep $60
Cellphone $30
Clothing $40 *Still need more clothing.
Free Money $60 *Varies slightly depending on second job
Gas $200
Groceries $120
Health $28
Rent $280
Savings $40 *Maybe I should rename this cruise 2012 money?
Student Loans $497

Grand Total: $1540/month (Take home pay.)

I'm in the midst of attempting to get at least a partial transfer to a CVS that is closer to where I am living. Working two stores leaves the possibility of a few less hours a week. I'm attempting to make a plan to see if there isn't something to cut back on. These are the categories I think could get cut if need be:

Car $5/week ($20/month) - I had adjusted this up for the inspection, but I really should set aside more as Lizzy is almost 20 years old with 180,000+ miles on her. That's a load of miles! I worry from time to time that she'll just quit on me one day and never move again. She runs well for the time being, but it does nag at me every now & again.

Clothing $5/week ($20/month) - Increased to pay for the new clothes I need. I usually go through a spurt about once every two years or three years when I need to replace everything. (I really mean everything!) I'm unfortunately at the start of that spurt and hadn't saved up much previously. I should go shopping soon . . .

Free Money $5/week ($20/month) - That's about as far as I can cut it. I've tried working with less, but I can't stick with it. $15/week right now is difficult enough. $10 is tricky and anything less I'm sunk. You have to have some money to blow at some point right?

Gas $5-$10/week ($20-$80/month) - This will depend on the transfer. I'm very excited about this as it means less wear & tear on Lizzy, less gas and less time driving. I will make a perminate cut back as soon as I know how it changes my gas usage.

Groceries $5-$10/week ($20-$80/month) - I've been doing well with this category. It's been helpful as Sweetheart has treated us out so often. I would like to cut back on that a bit and start buying more produce. If only I had more time to cook?

Health $2-$7/week ($8-$28/month) - I could stop this all together if I really wanted to, however I don't believe that wise. I can easily picture stopping this small savings and then ended up in some freak accident with no way to pay. That seems to be the way things go in this world.

Savings $5-$10/week ($20-$80/month) - Again something I could stop if I really had to. The only consequence I can think of is being unable to keep my promise with my friends for my trip so far out. I'm sure I could think of something to get extra money saved up. (Holiday work anyone?)

Potential Cuts $22-$37/week ($88-$148) - Seems like a lot of money. It's more than I would like to cut out, but this is only a just in case sort of plan.

Monthly Climb!
Grand Total Last Month: $45,283.77
New Grand Total: $44,560.87
Amount Paid Off: $722.90

Again a little more than usual. $300 of the pay off is money that should have been put into debt repayment before, but I was worried about how expensive the car would be. I'm happy to say that she's running safely at this point and I still have a few hundred dollars if something should go wrong. ^_^

While Sept had an extra pay check from my part time job, it's all 'weekly' expenses, so no extra money this time. Oct has an extra pay period from CVS which I am very much looking forward to. I haven't decided if I should use the extra money to pay off debt or set it aside for holiday gifts. I think I'm going to need it for holiday gifts as I don't have a gifting budget! *sighs* Hopefully I can make something like that soon. (Maybe when I get a raise? That's not until late May early June.)

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