Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Target Coupon Headache

I stopped at four stores today. My normal Rite Aid was out of the Nivea body wash, but they did get a delivery today. I'm hoping to stop back this afternoon & get more free body wash. If not I'll ask for a rain check.

*Update - I did go back but forget to get a rain check. I grabbed another tube of free after rewards toothpaste. I'm beginning to wonder how anyone makes money on toothpaste?

I tired stopping at a second Rite Aid about 10/15 minutes away. They carry some items my normal Rite Aid doesn't including the Ace wrap at $3.99. Free after in ad coupon on page 8! To bad they didn't have any Nivea either. I was going to get some mouth wash, but as it turns out it was mis-marked on the shelf. I would have gotten the sale price, but no +up rewards. I did make an impulse buy of my favorite gum. Bad Taika! Ah well. $1.29 doesn't hurt anyone. ^_^

First Store:
Colgate Sensitive 6 oz $3.00
Total Before Coupons: $3.00

$1/1 Colgate Sensitive
Total After Coupons: $2.00

$3 +up
Net: $1.00 profit (Manager over ride required because I used +up rewards to make my out of pocket $0!)

Second Store:
Colgate Advance White $3.00
Ace Sport bandage $3.99
Orbit sweet mint $1.29
Total Before Coupons: $8.28

$4/1 Ace Bandage Rite Aid
Total After Coupons: $4.28

$3 +up rewards
Net: $1.28

Total net of both transactions: $.28!

Then to Target! I have no idea what exactly happened. I'm a little bit wary of Target at the moment because I know that it's been doing strange things at the registers with coupons when Target Gift Cards are involved. The transaction started off with a coupon reader. She read each Target coupon to be one per transaction. Okay, it only meant that I was paying $.50 for the two Sobe I had planned on getting free. No biggie. I wanted some more Sobe any way.

This also meant the two bic 10pk of pens, two Wonka bars & two Chef Boyardee's needed to be split into two transactions. Again I'm not going to complain she rang up those three items on a separate receipt. Awesome, glad she wasn't annoyed about ringing two transactions. Problem was she didn't take the second Wonka bar off the first receipt and the $1.00 off Wonka Manufacture coupon took off only $.06?!? I knew my total couldn't possibly be correct at almost $9, should have been only about $6.

The cashier and manager were trying to get a refund on the Wonka bar, but it kept coming up at $2.06 to be refunded instead of $2.29. So where did those $.23 go? Not a clue. The had me go to customer service to get it taken care of. The guy there was really nice. He refunded me $2.06 (it's taken me to long already to fight over $.23) and gave me $1.00 for the coupon missed scan. All in all I was only shorted $.17, but I'm not going to fight tooth & nail for that. I've dealt with customers who are infuriated if the price is a penny off. Really? A penny? Here have a penny from my pocket. Gees . . . I know pennies add up, but it strikes me as petty.

Transaction One (As the receipt Shows)
2 Wonka choclate bars @ 2.29 each = $4.58
2 Sobe @ $1.00 each = $2.00
Chef Boyardee $.99
Bic 10pk pens $.99
St Ives body wash travel size $.99
2 Schick Quartro 3pk @ $5.49 each = $10.98
Total Before Coupons: $20.53

$1/1 Wonka bar Target Q
$.06/1 Wonka bar (Still don't get it)
$.50/1 Sobe Target Q
$1 Sobe BOGO coupon
$.99/1 Chef Boyardee Target Q
$.99/1 Bic pens Target Q
$.99/1 St Ives
$3/1 Schick Quartro disposal multi pk
$3/1 Schick Quartro disposal multi pk
$.05 for reusable bag
Total After Coupons: $8.95

$5.00 Target GC for purchase of 2 Schick Quartro
Net: $3.95

Transaction Two:
Chef Boyardee $.99
Bic 10pk pens $.99
Wonka Bar $2.29
Total Before Coupons: $4.27

$.99/1 Chef Boyardee Target Q
$.99/1 Bic pens Target Q
$1/1 Wonka bar Target Q
$1/1 Wonka bar
Total After Coupons: $.29

Transaction Three (correction time)
-$2.06 for extra Wonka bar charge
-$1.00 for coupon scanning incorrectly
Net: $3.06 back in cash

Total of all three transactions: $1.18 (Close enough for me.)

Last stop was Weis. I had stopped in only for Dole Monte ready to blend fruit smoothie. These were on sale for $1. I printed a coupon last time the went on sale a few weeks ago, but couldn't find it so I went on my merry way home. I'm glad I held on to the coupon as it netted my two free today. Just in times as they expire on the 30th. I ended up picking up Digiorno pizza for one. This was a freebie coupon I got through face book that expires at the end of the month. Target didn't have them & since I spotted them at Weis I decided to pick it up. Too bad they only had pepperoni in the deep dish. That just means my Sweetheart gets to enjoy it. (I don't eat pork products.)

Free! Enough said.

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