Monday, July 19, 2010

Out of most things . . .

It was a complete miss on Sunday at CVS. They didn't have the Pretzel M&M. (They were subsituting the plain & peanuts. I'm not overly fond of those, so I will wait to get the pretzel ones.) And they were out of the CVS pantyliners. I could have gotten the britta filters, but I'll just wait until latter today. Today is delivery day. ^_^

Rite Aid wasn't that much better. Here is my list of the following being out!

Smooth Move (tea) $3.69
Cyrostat $8.99
Colonaide $22.99
Motrin PM 20ct $5.99

It's Monday for crying out loud! Can't you order up so you have stock through Monday? Or rather your next delivery day? Seriously. I know retailers get a look at there ad weeks in advance, if not by a month or two! I know, I know you can't always predict what exactly will sell so well. 3 out of 4 items listed above are free after the Single Check Rebate. I would think someone would be be like "Ah yes, of coarse we should order a ton of these because people get them free. People like free stuff." Same goes for CVS! (At least they have more stuff come in on Mondays.) *sighs* I will just end my rant there.

I did manage to snag the following:
Dulcolax 14 days $9.99
Zegrid 14ct $10.00
Advil Liquid gel 20ct $5.19
Total Before Coupons: $25.28

$4/1 Zegrid
$3/1 Zegrid in Ad Rite Aid
$4/1 Dulcolax
$5 off $25 purchase
Total After Coupons: $9.28

Received/will receive:
$7 +up Zegrid purchase
$9.99 SCR Dulcolax
Net: $7.71

I hadn't planned on getting the Advil, but with the Zegrid & Dulcolax totaling $19.99 I thought I could at least use my $5 off $25 coupon. We are low on Ibuprofen any way. I looked to for something slightly over $5 and this was the first one to catch my eye.

I was also plan on submitting the receipt for the Zegrid rebate. I'm going to wait on that for now. I plan to go back latter in the week to grab the Smooth Move, Cyrostat & Motrin PM. ($18+ if it's all there.) I'll add the Zegrid again if they have any of those items and Zegrid pushes the total over the $25 mark. (Another $5 off $25 coupon.) I'm going to skip the Colonaide as I don't have a coupon for it and it's over $20. I could use the $5 off $20, but I rather save it for something a bit more useful for my personal needs or that of my family.

I also tried using one of the rebate checks Rite Aid sends out to pay for this transaction. I used a previously earned $5 +up rewards, so the total only came about $4. I didn't realize it until after. Being as I planned for my totals to be a lot more I didn't think it would go under the amount of the rebate check. The cashier went and processed it. Of coarse the register only put it in for the amount of the transaction. Which makes complete sense. Of coarse they don't want to give you cash back on an amount over the transaction. You can't do it any store I know of.

Rite Aid, please train your cashiers. This is the same person I see every week. I know she's been there for a while. I would have thought they would know about the system by now. Lesson learned: Take your Rite Aid rebate check to the bank and get the cash. It's just so much less of a pain.

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