Monday, August 2, 2010

August Budget & Climbing

It's time for the monthly look at the budget. Also to out exactly how much closer I've coming climbing out of this dark money pit of debt. First the discipline of the month.

Bills (Electric) $103 *slight increase for excepted winter bills
Bunnies $56 (see below)
Car Insurance $42
Car repairs/upkeep $60 *increase because I really should put more into the car
Cellphone $30
Clothing $40 *I'm in desperate need of new shirts, pants, bras . . . everything!
Free Money $60 *Actually varies slightly depending on second job
Gas $200
Groceries $120
Health $28
Rent $280
Savings $20
Student Loans $501

Grand Total: $1540/month (A more accurate account of my take home pay.)

New Category
Bunnies $56
I have rabbits. As it was I took money out of groceries, spending money or the extra dollars that should have gone to paying off my student loans to buy supplies for them. No more! They need their own separate budget. If you have a pet I would recommend doing this! Now you know exactly what you are spending on your beloved pets.

Looks like they've chewed at the twisty ties again. *sighs* The ties hold Plexiglas in place so they don't go kicking their litter & stuff all over the place. It helps keep the rest of their play area cleaner.

Monthly Climb!
Grand Total Last Month: $46,694.41
New Grand Total: $45,791.67
Amount Paid Off: $902.74

I couldn't take it any more with all that money sitting around. Not when I have so much debt! I know I said I was going to put it aside for car repairs, but I should have enough to cover it. Between a savings account for car repair specifically & an emergency fund I should be able to cover everything. If not it means it's time for a new car. So I took some of the money and put it towards a loan instead. That's why it's a relatively huge jump compared to last month. If I have extra after fixing the car something similar will happen.

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