Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I attempted two quick stops today after dropping Dearheart off at work. Walmart & Rite Aid are on the way to & from for the short 10/15 minute trip we make. I headed into Walmart to try and get the travel size Tide free after coupon. (Coupon has no size restrictions.) Too bad the cashier wouldn't take it. I couldn't Target to take them either last time. If it doesn't scan they don't want to take them. *frowns*

Rite Aid is all but across the street from Walmart. I stopped in to see if I couldn't score the free contact solution. I don't need it as I wear glasses, but I do like to donate it. One of these days I should ask my sister what she uses so if I pick up her brand free I could just give it to her. They were out. Their truck must have been in as there were blue totes all over the place. Maybe I can try before work tomorrow? Otherwise it will not be until 5pm on Friday when I get a chance. They may well be out again by then.

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