Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Did It Again!

I headed out to Weis this morning hoping that they had restocked on the cereal which is also part of this weeks deal. To bad the ones I have coupons for are still all gone! I'll try again tomorrow hopefully. Maybe Friday? Maybe Saturday? I hope I don't have to head out each day hoping to make my killing of a deal. *sighs* What can you do? I would get a rain check, but I don't think they rain check coupons that print out after the fact.

In lieu of cereal I went ahead and bought another round of Pop Tarts, again in ten different flavors. Can you really believe there are 27 flavors! Some of them are actually light versions, or fiber fortified but still. Do I really need another 10 boxes of Pop Tarts? No. With those special codes netting me movie tickets I would say it's worth it. $3.19 for two movie tickets! You better believe it. I'm not going to buy any more Pop Tarts because Weis only has 24 flavors. I have so many anyway, I don't know what to do with them. I want to give them to a food drive, but will they take them opened like that? I could always give them to my Sweetheart's brother.

With $17 of credit in hand I went and picked up produce, bread and milk. I don't typically shop at Weis as most items I buy are marked up $.10-$.50/product. Some of their sale prices are the regular price at Giant. (Florida's Natural Orange Juice is a good example.) I figured stocking up on basics & produce shouldn't put me to much over the edge.

So to grand total of yesterday & today netted me:
20 boxes of Pop Tarts 8ct
~Enough codes for 4 movie tickets up to a $12 value each!
2 boxes of Kellogg's Special K protein Snack bars 6ct
Loaf of bread
1/2 Gallon of Organic Milk
Lettuce (about 1 lb)
Seedless grapes (about 2 lb)
Organic Carrots (about 1 lb, this might actually be cheaper at Weis than Giant)
Celery (about 1 lb)
Portablla Mushrooms (about 1 lb)
Dozen Large Eggs (My one impulse buy @ $.88, I'm wanting omelets!)
Cottage Cheese
Grand Total: $27.15

It's a win! On a side note a fellow drove up to me asking for gas money. He was on his way to a city about 50 miles or so away and was almost completely out of gas. I remember he had a woman in the car with him and I think a kid or two. I thought it was very odd, but gave him $4 or $5. That's all the spending cash I had on me. Hope he made it to his destination okay. $4 or $5 doesn't go that far where gas is concerned.

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