Sunday, August 8, 2010

Private Island

Ever wish you had your own private island? For the weekend that's exactly what my friends and I got. (Private for the most part.) I love Yellow Creek camping grounds. The island just feels so magical & special to me. When I'm there I never want to leave. (Although it's nice to be home to sleep in a real bed.)

Wish I could say this was a super low cost trip for me. It was compared to most other trips people think about taking. I'm not including food as it was money budgeted into groceries, came from spending money or my Sweetheart treating me to a meal out. Time to do up the tally!

Tent $40 (Needed a new one this year)
2 Folding Chairs @ $20 each = $40 (My Sweetheart and I didn't have any for camping.)
Toll Roads $20.00 (It's a long way to travel!)
Gas $60 (about $20 less than I expected)
Camping fees @ $6/person (2)/night (2) = $24
Grand Total: $184

Not bad for a weekend with good friends who I haven't seen in over a year almost. About time for bed.

My Friends tents.

Bridge onto the island.

Fire for roasting marshmallows.

View of the river.

Mushroom I found!

Tank, Tina's dog. ^_^

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