Friday, September 3, 2010

September Budget & Climbing

August went by so fast it's taken some time to register that it's September! What the heck? Time really flies. Slowly I'm making progress out of the gloomy pit, although sometimes when I look at the numbers I feel depressed. Why must it take so long! As my sister would say "I hate waiting it takes to long." Sweetheart's reply "Patience Darling, patience."

Bills (Electric) $103
Bunnies $40 *Don't need quiet as much as I thought
Car Insurance $42
Car repairs/upkeep $60 *Inspection for the 21st!
Cellphone $30
Clothing $40 *Still need more clothing, three pants, two bras wiped it clean already!
Free Money $60 *Varies slightly depending on second job
Gas $200
Groceries $120
Health $28
Rent $280
Savings $40 *I made a promise to go on a cruise with my girlfriends in 2012 before I started this debt climbing. Time to start saving because I am a girl of my word.
Student Loans $497 *closer looks means adjustments

Grand Total: $1540/month (Take home pay.)

Parent's Garden

Monthly Climb!
Grand Total Last Month: $45,791.67
New Grand Total: $45,283.77
Amount Paid Off: $507.90

July had an extra pay week from CVS, but I needed to wait and be sure it all cleared before applying it toward loans. The extra money was from the portion set aside for loans and rent. The next month with a fifth pay week will be October, but it will not be applied until November. This month there is a holiday so perhaps I'll have a little extra to spare again. Also I'm having the inspection done this month. Hopefully there will be something left over so that can go pay off more debt as well. We'll see because Lizy needs a lot of work!

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