Thursday, September 9, 2010

Free Toothbrushes!

Weis is selling Gum Toothbrushes for $1 each! (As well as some Flossers.) There was a coupon in RP 08/08 for $.75/1 toothbrush and $.55/1 accessory. Because Weis doubles these coupons I got them free! Weis will double multiples of the same coupon where as Gaint will only double one. (Boo.) I did learn on the U-scans if your total gets low or your using too many coupons you need a cashier to override the system. Next time I'll just stand in line and wait for a cashier.

I wanted to get the Kendal bandages at Rite Aid but my coupons wouldn't scan. The cashier was nice about it and told me she could push one through but not both because the have the same number. My store has a similar policy about internet coupons so I wasn't going to push it. I'll just have to go back latter with both a $2.50/1 & a $2/1. I did end up with two items. Not much in the way of SCR. I need to look ahead and plan for next week as I still have several +ups that expire.

I bought:
Crest Pro Health 6oz $2.99
Bio True 4oz $4.99
Total Before Coupons: $7.98

$1/1 Crest 4oz+
$2/1 Bio True 2oz+
Total After Coupons: $4.98

$2 +up Crest
$4 +up Bio True
Net: $1.01 profit

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