Friday, September 17, 2010

Free Aqua Pods Finally

Last week the 8pk aqua pod were on sale for $1 each at Gaint. Unfortunately they were out all week! I checked on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday. I even asked if they could a few packs for me. Got a call Thursday that they didn't get any in, repeat on Friday and I didn't even bother with Saturday as I had to leave for early for work.

Now I saw on some other blog (I can't remember which one) that the aqua pods are also on sale this week for $1! Why is this so exciting? Buy 3 packs of deer park (or associated brands) get $3 off you next order. FREE! No coupons necessary. Sweet! I happen to have $1.50 off two deer park water (specifically the aqua pods). These coupons beeped, but the cashier happily pushed them through.

In addition I was excited to see that the Schick Hydro Raisers were still $3 off regular price, which left the 3 blades at $5.33 each. I had two $5/1 coupons making them $.33 each. I was really regretting not getting them last week. I have a feeling the free raisers might be done for a while.

To make things easy I grabbed my favorite packing juice, Apple & Eve Fruitables! Regularly priced at $2.50 each I had $.50 coupons which doubled to $1.00. So my four transactions went like this (separate transactions for my regular groceries which included the raisers):

3 Aqua Pods 8pk (11oz each) @ $1.00 each = $3.00
Apple & Eve Fruitables $2.50
Total Before Coupons: $5.50

$.50/1 Apple & Eve
$.50 Gain Double
$1.50/2 Aqua Pods
$3 off your next order
~first one from buy 6 Pillsbury refrigerated dough get $3 off you next order
Total After Coupons: $0.00 FREE!

$3 off you next shopping order

Repeat above!

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