Tuesday, September 7, 2010

CVS, All Weekend Long!

Hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend! Being a retail worker sometimes just plain stinks when it comes to holidays. It's just part of the job. My parents both work/worked in the medical field when I was growing up, so working the holiday just seems natural. Unlike their jobs however I get over time pay! I could be working 5 days this week, but with paid holiday time (in addition to actual time worked) I'm taking an extra day off. After working Friday-Monday I need it!

Finished off the toothbrush deal last week:

2 Oral-b 3-D white @ $3.79 each = $7.58
Total Before Coupons: $7.58

BOGO Free Oral-b $3.79
Total After Coupons: $3.79

$5 EB (Spend $10 get $5 EB, had spent $3.45 already)

Net: $1.21 profit + $.25 green bag tag
Grand net of Both toothbrush transactions: $1.47 cost + $1.21 profit = $.26 cost!

On Monday Night (When things finally calmed down! Everyone had to be at the photo lab on the holiday. They weren't even holiday pictures! Graduations from May & June anyone?):

2 Sobe @ $1.59 each = $3.18
2 Sobe FREE BOGO sale
4 Weber Spices @ $.49 each = $1.96 (Summer 75% Clearance!)
2 Snickers King Size Candy Bars $1.00 each = $2.00
Schick Hydro Raiser (3 blade) $8.97
Schick Hydro Shaving Cream $3.99
Total Before Coupons: $20.01

$3 off $10 grocery purchase
---$3.18 from free Sobe counted, coupon good same day & next ONLY!
2 Sobe BOGO coupons $3.18 (Had more, but no Sobe in a flavor I liked)
$5/1 Schick Hydro Raiser
$3.99 Free Shaving Cream w/ Raiser purchase
Total After Coupons: $5.93

$4 EB Schick Hydro
Net: $1.93 - $.25 Green Bag Tag

Normally I would have not gotten the candy bars, but I needed something to hit the $10 mark. (Planned on buying the spices. I love this stuff!) Not pictured is the gum that was free after EB because I did it on Sunday when I needed some gum. To bad I didn't know about the Gum coupon which would have gotten me two more packs Free! *sad face* If I had known about that I would have had no trouble reaching the $10 mark.

Also got the $3 off As Seen On TV coupon, good two days only. Didn't see anything good, or free at my store. Maybe they will do it again sometime?

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