Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lizy Luminia: The Inspection

About a week ago Lizy had her inspection. Last year she cost over $1500 to cover everything and a little extra which would have been replaced this year any way. This years total comes to . . .


Not to shabby. Only about $220 was required for the inspection pass. The rest was the work to get her power steering hosed replaced. It's so good to have that back again! I never thought I would think of it as a luxury.

I've been occasionally having problems getting her to start up. (About once a week or so.) I know it's not the starter as that was replaced last year. I had my brother take a look and we attempted to clean the spark plugs and related wiring hoping to solve the problem. One of the wires was rather worn so we went and bought a new set. I really hope the cleaning and the new set of wires solves the problem. Nothing as of yet. I'm going to wait two weeks before I can sigh in relief. I'm still hoping to keep her going for at least another 5 years. She's almost a classic now!

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