Thursday, September 9, 2010

Drugstore Fast Shipping?!

There was a deal out on the blogs on Tuesday if you were a member of e-bates for one day only there were several de-luxe items on you could get for a penny! You could purchase up to 5 of these items for that price. Shipping was $5.99. I went ahead and ordered the hand soap so I'll be stocked for a while. I already got mine! I ordered it on Tuesday morning, but still. WOW! That was fast.

One minor issue was that the caps on the lavender scented soap came a little undone, so some soap got out. No biggie. Only a slight loss. I've seen much worse come in on CVS trucks. Have you ever seen totes full of an unknown soap/body wash/hand sanitizer? Ridiculousness!

I hope they have more great deals like this. I'll be more than happy to order from them again. ^_^

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