Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Trying Target

I tried my hand at Target again last week. I had see something about OLAY deal here & some Aveeno (see here). When I got there I kept looking at my coupons and couldn't seem to match the product. I had $2 off OLAY in shower body wash, soap or body wash and all I was seeing was face cleansers. So I didn't get it. I went home a bit confused.

More confusion: I thought I spotted a great deal on Always Infinity. I was excited and made a special trip just for the 'deal' today. (Also for the OLAY, only to realize it ended on Saturday!) Turns out while the Infinity had signs advertising 'new lower price' they weren't apart of the buy 3 get a $5 GC. I didn't figure this out until I got to the register. A manager was nice enough to check out the signs for me and even offered to bring up the correct products to the register. My coupons were only for the Infinity though. Disappointing. Just not my day Target!

I did do a quick price check on Nivea Body wash. I peaked a head at the CVS ads and there's suppose to be an awesome coupon for it! (See here. They're priced @ $3.04! Now I'm excited.

At least I didn't go home empty handed this time.

Aveeno = Free, Always Infinity = $3.99 - $2/1 Q - $.05 reusable bag = $1.94

My coupons for the Aveeno would have resulted in overage, but the cashier adjusted it down. (Still free Aveeno.) The day shift cashiers seem well trained with the coupon use. I only wish it was more consitant for evenings and weekends. At least my cashier was really nice about adjusting the coupon. As it was only going to save me $.39 she asked it I would like to save it and use it another time. (No I want to get the product free. That was the point this time. LOL.) She also remembered to scan for $.05 off because I brought in a reusable bag. YEA!

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