Tuesday, April 12, 2011

CVS - Finished the Out Of Stocks

It's a relatively quiet sale week for CVS after last. There are two good freebies for Sunday - Tuesday, but that's about it. (Bubbles & one piece of candy.) I plan on getting in the Airwick sale, but that will have to be latter. For now I managed to get a hold of the hot sale items of last week that we ran out of on Sunday! Truck isn't until Friday. Going like mad as soon as we started unloading! I wrote a LOT of rain checks last week.

Last Week (Saturday, Morning! Gone by the afternoon):
Glide Floss $3.49
Gold Bond Body Wash $5.88
GUM Flossers $2.00
4 Snickers Creme Egg @ $.50 each = $2.00
Total Before Coupons: $13.37

$1/1 Glide Floss
$2/1 Gold Bond Body Wash
$.75 GUM Flosser (IP, no prints available)
2 $1/2 Mars Product (Took forever to find the single snickers listed.)
Total After Coupons: $7.62

$2.50 EB Glide
$3.00 EB Gold Bond Body Wash
$2.00 GUM Flosser
Net: $.12 cost

This Week:
Bubbles $1.99
Russel Stover Truffle $.74 (not pictured, it's all gone!)
Total: $2.73

No Coupons!

$1.99 EB Bubbles
$.74 Truffle
Net: FREE! (Gotta love that.)

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