Monday, April 11, 2011

Rite Aid - Catchup Time!

While I didn't post about Rite Aid last week, I did shop there. I made one trip earlier in the week and one latter. The first one was great! The second one I left empty handed. I had forgotten my coupons for the poligrip for my earlier trip. There were none to be found when I went back latter. No raincheck. I don't bother getting rain checks for SCR items because I think it's too much of a pain. Who knows when it will show up again anyway?

~This was two transactions, summarized for simplicity.

Gillette Pro Glide $9.99
Neli Nasal Dock $6.00
2 Scunci @ $1.99 each = $3.98
2 Tena Ultra Thins @ $9.99 each = $19.98
Total Before Coupons: $35.95

$5/1 Gillette Pro Glide (P&G "Have You Tried" Mailer)
2 $2.50/1 Tena Ultra Thins (IP)
$3 off $15 purchase
Total After Coupons: $26.95 + $.13 tax ($21 +up used)

Received/Will Receive:
$5 +up Gillette Pro Glide
$6 +up Neli Dock
2 $1.99 +up Scunci (Limit 2 per card)
2 $9.99 SCR Tena(Limit 2 per household)
Net: $7.88 profit

This week there's an awesome deal on John Fredia Root Awakening. (Or just John Fredia if you were lucky enough to get the coupons in the Sunday inserts a while back.) I'm more than happy to create a bountiful supply of shampoo. I have in the past spoiled myself with buying salon brand, but I wanted to see if I could cut back. I know Pantene, Aussie, Dove and several others haven't worked for my hair. I'm hoping the 'Salon Inspired' kind will. Fingers crossed!

Lucky me! I found some bonus sizes! Yes I took all three. Still lots more of the regular size on the shelf.

4 John Fredia Root Awakening @ $5.00 each = $20
Total Before Coupons: $20.00

4 $2/1 Root Awakening (IP, see or houndingwithfrugalsuz)
$2 off $10 select hair care products VV (Hair care brands featured in videos)
$1 off any purchase
Total After Coupons: $9.00 ($8.98 +up used, no tax)

$10 +up wyb $20 John Fredia, Boire & Curel
Net: $1.00 profit

I used my +up from this transaction to pay for the next. I made small oopps on my part as I didn't mean to give the cashier both of my $1 off any purchase coupons. It resulted in a negative total. I was ready to through on a pack of gum, but she said "It's only $.12. We'll just have to watch it more carefully next time."

WHAT?! *blinks*

You're policy says no overage! Have me grab a piece of candy or void off a manufacture's coupon. It was to late as she already hit a button and her drawer popped open. She handed me the $.12 and I kept asking "Are you sure?" I did watch the total closely . . . there was $10.xx before tax and discount and $10.xx after tax and discount. I figured it would be maybe $.25? Nope, went under somehow. One day I'll figure out their registers.

AMO Complete $7.99
BIC Hybrid 6pk $4.99
BIC Flex4 4pk $4.99
2 Gillette Body wash @ $2.99 each = $5.98
4 Sinkers Creme Eggs 2 $.50 each = $2.00
Visine for Contacts $4.76 (10% discount)
Total Before Coupons: $31.71

$1/1 AMO Complete (kept the peelie on the package for latter)
2 $3/1 BIC (specific ones listed on coupon, I matched them in the store)
$2.99 BOGO Gillette
2 $1/2 M&M Candy (Had to read the coupons twice before I found these specifically listed. It's a long list with tiny words.)
$2/1 Visine in-ad coupon
$2/1 Visine (IP, they're everywhere!)
$3 off $15 purchase
2 $1 off purchase VV (limited by item not transaction)
Total After Coupons: $9.72 + $.16 tax (used $10+up)

Received/Will Receive:
$7.99 SCR AMO Complete
$2 +up BIC
2 $2 +up Gillette (limit 2)
$1 +up Visine
Net: $5.23 profit

*I get it now. The $10 +up must have lowered my tax! The 10% discount gets shown 'after' the subtotal. hmmm . . . must be more careful next time.


  1. very nice! I did the JF deal at CVS last week and am debating doing it at RA also or doing the biore/JF together.. im not sure yet.

  2. I got JF last week at CVS to help me reach that $40 mark. Rite Aid's current deal is excellent! Just happy to be set for the year. (Provided I like. If not I'll just donate it.)