Sunday, January 9, 2011

Rite Aid - Stay Free & Special K

I am hoping I can get a second trip to Rite Aid this week. I need to do some better planning. The only reason I managed this trip was I had all the coupons in my folder that I carry around with me. Most of my coupons I leave at home, because the binders are so heavy & I don't even know what's all in them! Hopefully there will still be stock tomorrow when I get off of work.

I must be there often as the two newest employees recognized me as I was carrying around the stay free in my arms. I remembered I had the other two BOGO Special K coupons with me & wanted to get them while I was there. She happily got me a car saying "I know how you shop with all your coupons." For some reason this makes me happy. LOL. Glad Sourpuss wasn't there to spoil the mood. ^_^

2 Special K Cereal @ $4.79 each = $9.58
2 Special K Cereal FREE (BOGO Sale)
8 Stay Free pads @ $2.50 each = $20.00
Total Before Coupons: $29.58

2 $4.49 BOGO Special K Cereal (Max value of coupon, point it out to cashier.)
4 $2.50 Stay Free BOGO (
Total After Coupons: $10.61 (Used $10+up & $.60 GC)

4 $2 +up Stay free
4 $1 +up Snack
Net: $1.40 profit!

Aside: No Saving Sunday this week. The mail was not as kind. :(

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