Friday, January 7, 2011

CVS - Almost Finished

I started out the week by testing to see if Get It While It Lasts Revlon products would generate EB when you buy two. Sadly it did not. The 2 nail polish was just under $3 ($2.90 for 2) so I decided not to return them. I might pass them on to my sister or perhaps a friend who has hit a bit of a rocky patch with her boyfriend.

I want to finish off the Excedrin deal this week, but I am waiting on deliver (today) to see if we get in some of the 'cheaper' Excedrin. Also hoping that it comes with some planter's nuts bars that are 4/$10 get $4 EB. I have 3 $1 Q, so 4/$3 isn't bad. Here's hoping!

Excedrin PM 20ct $4.99
Excedrin Migraine 24ct $5.49
Excedrin Extra Strength 50ct $6.99
2 Revlon Files @ $3.19 each = $6.38
Total Before Coupons: $23.85

$3.50/1 Excedrin PM (mail)
$5.99/1 Excedrin Extra Strength (mail, 'free' maxim value allowed)
$5.49/1 Excedrin Migraine (mail, 'free')
Total After Coupons: $8.87

$7 EB
Net: $1.87 cost

Planning to buy Excedrin PM 20ct $4.99
Planning to use $1/1 Excedrin PM
Will Receive $10 EB
New Net: $4.14 profit!

I don't know about you but I'm excited by the Pepsi sale that's to start on Sunday. 6 12pk for $10? (After EB) I think I will mix in some other items rather than getting 6 12pk. Oooo! and free candy. Let's not forget candy. Not that it's needed around here. LOL.

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