Friday, January 14, 2011

CVS - X-Mas Clearance & Free Candy

These are so cute! They're perfect for any occasion. I think they look particularly wedding-ish being all silver.

Time for another CVS trip. Good deals this week on Christmas clearance (75% off, edibles 50%), with so much left over! It's ridiculous all the stuff we still have hanging around. I wish corporate would let us mark things down to 90% off, but nope. They'll have none of it. So much goes to waste. It makes me a little sad.

I try to keep my eye out for plain wrapping paper. The stuff that once you get further away from Christmas no one will really notice was Christmas wrap? Being that red is Sweetheart's favorite color & he loves snow I got some wrapping paper just for him. ^_^

The TP deal this week is really sweet! I'm very happy to be stocking up. I didn't really want to pay so much out of pocket, but luckily for me I got a $3/1 Cottonelle coupon for the Red Coupon Machine. Not my favorite, but it knocks the price down to something more reasonable. Paired up with two Scott's coupons I was ready to go!

2 Scott Extra Soft 24pk @ $10.00 each = $20.00
Cottonelle 18pk $10.00
Total Before Coupons: $30.00

2 $1/1 Scott TP or Paper Towel
$.50/1 Cottonelle
$3/1 Cottonelle 18pk CVS Coupon
Total After Coupons: $24.50

$10 EB
Net: $14.50 cost (but it's a lot of TP!)

I forgot my EB at home from buying my free candy. I wanted to use them buying the TP. :( I'll just have to use them latter. The dove bar was a $.50 MM thanks the the Red Coupon Machine. The Vitality gum was free after a coupon that I got at the bottom of my receipt. I've only seen CVS employees getting this one.

I had wanted to do the Mallox/Gas-X deal, but I didn't get any of those great $5/1 Mallox coupons. Nor does my store currently have stock enough for the Gas-X preventative to use those coupons. I'm hoping for some to come on the truck today. Also hoping that we run out of the Finish tablets so I can get a rain check & order some of those coupons. (I didn't get any of those either.) We'll see how the week works out.

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  1. Great deals, Taika! Those are adorable, I didn't see any of those at our store. Our store is tiny and I often see posts with cute seasonal things we don't get. Our store was well stocked with Finish, too, but I only had two coupons. Not sure you'll be able to find any to order from what I have been reading, but I hope you do.

    Thanks for linking up your CVS shopping trip at Simply CVS.