Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Donation Box

It's been a while since I got to post a donation box photo or two. I'm way behind on my shopping for the week due to being sick all of Monday. It was terrible! I hope I'm never that sick again. UGH!

With that note it's no surprise I might not get to any more postings this week. I really need to make up some of the time I missed at one of my jobs, but I also think I need some time to relax. Today started three days of get up go to one job & then head to the next. 9am or so until 9:30pm. Ouch! At least I get a few breaks at each one, but still.

I'm debating about taking Friday morning off with Saturday being a long day, from about 7am until 4pm. Then I'm rushing off to my brother's birthday dinner. Only to more than likely get home late and work all day Sunday. One or two hour break before heading to Sweetheart's parents for dinner Sunday night. Yikes! I don't have an actual day off until the 22nd. I'll have to decide tomorrow.

A special donation that actually made it in time for Christmas. I managed to score this free after sign up credit on one of those group deal sites. Can't remember which one.

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