Monday, June 28, 2010

Ready . . . Aim . . . Target! Miss & Hit

I was so excited for the Sobe deal last week. I remember trying Sobe once a long time ago when my brother was really into buying it. I didn't like it then, but I think it was just the flavor. I've wanted to try them since, but I'm not big on spending money just to try something when I know I am perfectly content without said item.

I headed to Target on Wednesday, Sobe coupons in hand. Found an end display of them up by the check out. Picked out a variety of flavors and proceeded to the check out line. To bad I didn't read my BOGO Sobe coupons I had gotten from their website a while back when all you had to do was click on a link. The cashier I got apparently had seen these before and they read once per purchase. MISS! Ack! The BOGO coupons from the Head Or Tails Game do not have that restriction. I should have read them more carefully.

Target was also still out of Clean & Clear Finishes cleanser, no price cut on the Aveeno Body wash (although I understand that's no longer being found anywhere). I did however find the scrubbing bubbles drop ins. The cashier that I had didn't seem to happy about me getting them free. She kept looking at the manufacture coupon and the target coupon. I think she didn't refuse the sale only because a manager was standing right there.

Saturday at Target was better. I managed to get my Sobe deal & they had the Clean & Clear Finishes cleanser in stock! (Only two of them, so I have on coupon left yet. I will look for it the next time I'm in.) So Saturday's transaction looked like this:

10 Sobe 20oz @ $1.00 each = $10.00
2 Clean & Clear Finishes @ $2.00 each = $4.00
Total Before Coupons: $14.00

5 BOGO Sobe @ $1.00 each = $5.00
-Saturday's cashier didn't even look twice at my coupons. Huh?
2 $2/1 Clean & Clear product = $4.00
4 $.50/1 Sobe Target Coupon = $2.00
$.05 used a reusable bag!

Total After Coupons: $2.95

$5 Target gift card for purchase of 10 Sobe
Net: $2.05 profit


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