Friday, June 4, 2010

Always Keep a Copy

If you have any important finical documents (or other important documents), keep a copy. I finally got a note from the county that I previously lived in. It told me that my refunded had been reduced from about $400 to $15 . . . HUH? So I give them a call and now I need to prove that I paid the place I currently live. This is suppose to show them (former county) that they (new county) will not be asking them for the money.

Good thing I have copies of all my taxes! Make copies of the copies and send them off. While the former county didn't ask for their paper work again as well as W-2's for the year, I sent it along anyway so that they'll have everything in one place. So now it will be yet another 4-8 weeks until I get that money . . . or at least that's my estimate of the process. If they send me a check in the meantime I'm not cashing it until I get the rest of it. I just hope it comes in time for the inspection of the car.

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