Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June Budget

This month is in need of some adjustments. There are three adjustments (marked with a *) to be made which will be explained after the listing.

Bills (Electric) $100*
Car Insurance $42
Car repairs/upkeep $48*
Cellphone $30
Clothing $20
Free Money $60
Gas $200
Groceries $120
Health $28*
Rent $280
Savings $20
Student Loans:
AES $257
Private loan $100
Direct Loan $65
Sallie Mae $79

Grand Total: $1429/month

Bills - now that the heat isn't on it's not as expensive. While I think I should move this back up, I need to shift some of the money to my car. (See here)

Car repairs - While the inspection isn't due until October, I want to get this done in August. If it costs way to much, I won't fix the car. It may mean it's time to find a new one. I'm hoping that doesn't happen. You never know though . . . (Again see here)

Health - I will finally be getting health insurance through my employer. 1. This money comes out pre-tax and I'll never see it. Can't 'accidentally' spend it on anything. This is also why it appears I've taken a pay cut. 2. It's cheaper over all. Now I can take the extra money that I original set aside to actually pay for doctors visits, scripts if I get sick or other health emergencies. 3. It's a much better health plan compared to what I had before. (Limit of two doctors visits a year!) While this doesn't start until 11th of the month to be taken from my pay check it's good to start early.

On another note, once I have my yearly review I should be getting a raise. I don't see why I wouldn't, but I never count on anything until I actual have it in hand. Like the tax refund from the county government, because my job payed the wrong county! Still waiting . . . it's been what? 6 weeks?

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