Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Drug Store Hopping

It's like bar hopping, only with drug stores. Well, almost drug store hopping. I think I need to go to three different drug stores to make it a true hopping trip. I did get in three trips between Saturday & Monday.

Saturday was a last minute trip to Rite Aid to get more free toothpaste & Motrin PM. Literally, my sweetheart & I were told they were closing in just a few minutes. Quick! Grab the two free after coupons & +up rewards and a pack of gum to cover the overage!

Colgate Pro Clinical cleaning 4.0oz $2.99
Motrin PM 20 ct $3.00
Orbit Sweet Mint Gum $1.29
Total Before Coupons:$7.28

$1/1 Motrin PM 20ct or larger
$1/1 Colgate Clinical Toothpaste
Total After Coupons: $5.28

$2.00 +up rewards Colgate
$3.00 +up rewards Motrin
Net: $.28 (This also happens to be my Out Of Pocket as I used +up rewards from earlier in the week.)

Sunday's Trip to CVS was in two transactions. (All in one picture)

4 Aveeno hair care products @ $6.49 each = $25.96
Total Before Coupons: $25.96

4 $1.50/1 Aveeno = $6.00
Total After Coupons: $19.96

Received (will receive):
$10 EB for purchasing $25 of Aveeno products
$10 MIR for purchasing $25 of Aveeno products

Net: FREE! Well there's tax to, but I don't generally worry about it much. As an added bonus, the shampoos came with sample size body wash & the conditioner with some kind of leave in treatment. ^_^

2 Stayfree 16ct @ $3.69/2 (BOGO sale!) = $3.69
2 HP Black Ink @ $19.99 each = $39.98
Total: $43.67

$3.69/1 BOGO Stayfree Coupon
Total After Coupons: $39.98

$10 EB wyb 2 HP ink
Net: $29.98 - $.25 green bag tag scan
It's not really the best deal on ink, but I did have a lot of extra bucks to use up & I'm running low on ink. I hoping eventually I will be able to figure out to get ink at a lower cost. I think of the ink as in investment into my savings. Those mail in rebates & internet coupons don't come out of think air! (Although I could print them at my one job, but somehow I don't think the boss would like that too much.)

Rite Aid Monday! (Normal Rite Aid shopping day it seems)
4 Root Awakening shampoo/conditioner @ $5.00 each = $20.00
Crest Sensitive Shield Enamel 4.0oz $3.99
Old Spice High Endurance Fresh 3.0oz $1.99
Total Before Coupons: $25.98

4 $3/1 Root Awakening = $12
Rite Aid $1 off $10 hair purchase
$1/1 Crest Toothpaste 4.0oz or larger
Rite Aid $5 off a $25 purchase
Total After Coupons: $6.98

Received/will receive:
$10 +up rewards Root Awakening (John Frieda collection)
$2.99 SCR
Net: $7.01, this could have been $1.00 higher if I had not bought the Old spice & instead used a $5.00 of of $20. I'll save that coupon for latter when there are not as many good deals. (Or perhaps I can get more coupons to do this deal again?) This weekends favorite place is Rite Aid! After shopping at just CVS for so long I almost feel bad. *ROFL*

This was also the first time I used coupons from I paid to to be "clipped". I only had two coupons for the Root Awakening. I decided to try getting coupons from a clipping service to figure out if it was worth the trouble. Now I can see that it clearly is. I will need to do stuff like this more often. ^_^

Next Up: A recap of my OLAY rebate adventure . . . Let's see how well I managed. Did I really get it free after all the deals?

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