Sunday, May 29, 2011

Saving Sunday - Mailbox!

I haven't done one of these in a while! I didn't get anything for a while, but now I have about two or three weeks worth of stuff. Feast or famine. Coffee, cereal, Coke 12-pack (Coke Rewards), dog treats, shampoo, detergent, sweet potato fries and that cute bag from Coinstar! What a fun collection. ^_^


  1. I am new to the new coupon scene What is Saving Sunday - Mailbox? This looks like something I need to sign up for!

  2. LOL. Saving Sunday - Mailbox is just what I've gotten in my mailbox free lately. Just follow the blogs that post when freebies are available. For The Mommas is a good one for me since she 'local'. You could try Cha Ching on a Shoestring, Mojo Savings or Common Sense with Money. The free stuff comes from all kinds of places, companies, stores, facebook, twitter, etc. (I count coke rewards because I didn't 'pay' for the item. I'm buying their product either way.)

    Most blogs that post this do a Mailbox Monday. I wanted to do something else, so I called it Saving Sunday. The Mailbox after it tells you what type of post. I started it that way in case I wanted to something else such as savings with cooking.

    Thanks for stopping by.