Friday, May 6, 2011

May Budget & Climbing!

This past month flew by fast. Really fast. I had ever intention of getting the inspection for Kori done, but alas it did not happen. However I did get it done this week. A little over $500 worth of inspection! I was hoping it wouldn't be that much as I just got her in Janurary and the serpentine belt replaced last month. I hope it's all worth it.

The mechanic also told me about a bit of 'play' in part of the tire rod. (Which I have noticed.) It's still within the limits for inspection, but I'm to keep an eye on it. I'll just get it fixed as soon as I can at an estimated $300. *sigh* Oh! Between the inspection and driving home that same night my right head light went out. WHAT!? Gerr . . .

Spring is here! It's an old picture, but it's what I've got.

The Budget:

Bills (Electric) $103
Bunnies $30
Car Insurance $36
Cellphone $36
Free Money $40
Gas $140
Groceries $100
Rent $310
Student Loans $472

Grand Total: $1267/month (Take home pay.)

Extra Funds Notes:
1. Health $20
2. Clothing $20
3. Car Repair $60

*Extra money tallied up at the end of the month. Each category lists a maximum contribution. Any additional funds are to pay off one of my student loans.

No really changes. I would like to increase the grocery budget if possible. Perhaps after I get my next loan paid off. I also really need to increase the car budget. I can't keep wiping it clean. The problem is there is no build up from previous years anymore with buying the car.

I should be getting a raise at some point this month. Not sure exactly when it will hit the pay check. (Hoping next week?) The other change coming up is CVS will no longer pay weekly, but instead switch to a bi-weekly pay schedule. I'm not happy with this move at all. I like keeping one pay checks worth of bills in the bank so if something happens it doesn't mess with all my automatic payments. So instead of using the extra pay week this month to pay off more of my loans I'm stuck having it sitting in the bank. The switch doesn't happen until July, but I will not be collecting nearly enough extra funds between now and then.

Another old spring picture.

2011 Goals

Finical Goals

1. Buy A Car (A Reliable Car)
2. Rebuild Emergency Fund DONE!
3. Pay my parents Back Not applicable
4. Pay off another smaller loan
5. Save $750 for Cruise 2012! DONE!
6. Start a Gift Fund for Presents

Non-Finical Goals

*I want to skip this part next month. I don't seem to be getting any further with these. We'll see.

1. Develop a sleep pattern - Going to bed by 11pm, no problem. Getting up? Improving, slowly. I'm actually starting to feel awake when the alarm goes off in the morning.
2. Lose 20lbs. - Not much to say here, other than adding more fruit & a little more veggies to the diet. Cutting out soda again. (Except one a week.) Exersice is null and void at this point. *sigh*
3. Do more stuff that doesn't involve sitting & playing games on the 'couch'. - Still not going anywhere.
4. No more dirty dishes in the sink @ the end of the night. - Still going strong!
5. Clean the apartment more often. - Got that right! Yippie!

Monthly Climb!!!
Grand Total Last Month: $42,204.69
New Grand Total: $41,825.44
Amount Paid Off: $379.25

Once again I messed something up and ended up paying on a loan twice. Ouch! It's not like the bill gets delayed a month if I do that. At least my tax refund was able to cover it. Speaking of which I had enough left over to make another payement to a different company. I can hardly wait to see how much my total will go down next month. I'm excited!

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