Saturday, May 14, 2011

CVS posting

Ah, finally a chance to get to my weekly shopping trip. I haven't stopped at Rite Aid at all this week mostly because of time, partly because I haven't been as interested in the deals. I feel like I'm lagging behind. Gerr . . . I need to pop over there at some point this week or waste my +up rewards.

CVS has had some at least okay deals for me. Again for simplicity I'll just summarize everything up. I need to start cooking dinner and would also like to cook up some things in advance. (Part of that 'increasing' grocery budget.)

CVS Trip Summary
Merchandise Sales Total: $40.32*
Coupons/Discount: $31.71
Tax: $.04
EB used: $6.54
Total Out Of Pocket: $2.11
EB Received: $7.00
Net: $1.65 cost

*Ivory Soap was a raincheck for $.99. Even though we restocked on Friday I didn't buy them until this week.

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