Friday, March 4, 2011

March Budget & Climbing

February was a good month for me financially. I got in a few extra hours & I sold Lizzy to my brother. His car threw a rod or something. It's dead, no resurrection, short of a new engine. So he bought Lizzy. Took her to my parents mechanic and as far as I know she's running fine. (Not stalling!) Still has that coolant leak to look into & the problem with the heater. I just hope she'll last longer for my brother than his last car. (Which was about 9 months for about $1000.) Yea for bonus money! Let's rebuild the Emergency Fund shall we?

Kori is using TONS LESS GAS than Lizzy ever did. LOL. It's partly better gas millage & partly cutting my normal commute to CVS in almost half. Yep. It's like getting a raise. Better actually because they don't taxes out of it. ^_^

Unfortunately the amount I will be cutting back is going to the be eaten up in the increased rent. Sweetheart volunteered to take it, but he pays more than half already. I feel bad enough as is. This is just an easy switch. Nothing to fuss about.

Decorations at a friend's wedding.

The Budget:
Bills (Electric) $103
Bunnies $30
Car Insurance $36
Cellphone $36
Free Money $40
Gas $140 (works out to $35 a week)
Groceries $100
Rent $310 (increased rent)
Student Loans $472

Grand Total: $1267/month (Take home pay.)

Extra Funds Notes:
1. Extra to the Emergency Fund.
2. Categories on hold: Car Repair, Clothing, Health & Savings.
3. Car Repair to be funded by 5th pay week when it occurs as the inspection is due in May.

A gift for being a bridesmaid.

Emergency Fund:
Last Month: $419.32
This Month: $782.92
Goal: $1,000

As I said, a good month.

The tossing bouquet. Sometimes I think I should have been a photographer.

2011 Goals

Finical Goals

1. Buy A Car (A Reliable Car)
2. Rebuild Emergency Fund So Close
3. Pay my parents Back Not applicable
4. Pay off another smaller loan
5. Save $750 for Cruise 2012!
6. Start a Gift Fund for Presents

Non-Finical Goals

1. Develop a sleep pattern - Still working on getting up at a regular time.
2. Lose 20lbs.
-Slight change in plans. First I'm starting to look at what I eat. Each day I'm doing an 'approximate' calorie count to see where I stand. If I'm between 1600-1850 I'm good. (That's the range I should be eating to lose weight.) If I'm over then I'm going to mark how or why. (Chinese Buffet . . . Bad idea.) I want to see how much over eating I'm actually doing. Just the act of looking at this is causing me to measure my food out. (1/2 cup chex mix instead of the entire bag at one sitting.)
-I started to gain weight with changes in my diet, including eating out more. Sweetheart treats me out about once or twice a week. I'm okay with that, but rather eat at home. Sometimes I'm just too tired to care or too stressed. When I'm stressed & tired I choose fatty, high calorie foods. Then his parents will turn around and invite us out to eat (and then pay). It all adds up. Time for me to start looking really hard at menus and make better choices.
3. Do more stuff that doesn't involve sitting & playing games on the 'couch'. - Still working on it. Kinetics Sports anyone?
4. No more dirty dishes in the sink @ the end of the night. - Improving, but a far cry from it.
5. Clean the apartment more often. - Set up a 'schedule' on a three week rotation: Living area/Kitchen, Bathroom & Bedroom.

Monthly Climb!!!
Grand Total Last Month: $42,844.31
New Grand Total: $42,547.41
Amount Paid Off: $296.90

Fairy Wings of a bridesmaid. Each one had a different color to represent the four elements: Earth, Air, Water & Fire.

Here's hoping for another good month. If I'm very, very lucky I can finish off the emergency fund either by the end of this month or next.

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