Saturday, March 12, 2011

Target - Pet Food for Pennies!

I was excited to see there are great deals to be had if you have coupons for GoodLife cat food & Pedigree dog food. I went ahead and order some coupons because it's so good of a deal! Here's hoping there will be stuff on the shelf by the time they get shipped.

Timidly I took a trip earlier this week. I wasn't sure what to get. I've been meaning to pick up the 'free' ibuprofen up&up. (Target Q for $1/1 pain reliever up&up brand.) Twice I had forgotten to look for it. I grabbed that and some GoodLife single serve cat food to see how the Redplum IP would work out. I only got one and knew there would be some overage. Not sure what else to get so I grabbed two single serves.

2 Up&Up Ibuprofen 24 ct @ $.97 each = $1.94
2 GoodLife Cat Food @ $.77 each = $1.54
Total Before Coupons: $3.48

2 $.97/1 Up&Up pain relief (auto adjusted by computer)
$1.50/1 GoodLife Cat Food
Total After Coupons: $.04

After that trip I wanted to use the overage on something else to see how well it would work. I spotted a great deal on Totally Target for Pedigree Dog food. My parent's girls could always use the food. A useful way to help out my parents.

To my surprise when I got there I found A LOT of the GoodLife Cat food on clearance! Some flavors were $.65 each and others $.53 each. W00t! My deal just got better. And thus my hurry to order up those coupons! (Which I don't normally do.) I think I shocked the cashier a little bit with the total. LOL. Wonder what she really thought about it.

3 GoodLife Cat Food @ $.53 each = $1.59
3 Pedigree Dog Food @ $4.00 each = $12.00
Total Before Coupons: $13.59

3 $1.50/1 GoodLife Cat Food (No adjustment!)
3 $3/1 Pedigree Dog Food
Total After Coupons: $.09!

*Dances* Yup. Now that's exciting. ^_^

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