Saturday, March 26, 2011

CVS vs Rite Aid: Toothbrush Battle!

CVS: 1
Rite Aid: 11

This week both CVS & Rite Aid had Reach Toothbrushes on sale for $1.00/$.99 after +up rewards. The CVS I work at didn't carry the Reach Toothbrush that was on sale. I ventured out to another CVS only to find one and it didn't even have a home spot! I briefly considered trying another CVS, but didn't want to waste time & gas for the hopes of one toothbrush. Lots of other stuff though.

2 Colgate White Max @ $2.77 each = $5.54
Essence of Beauty 5/$5 Bath $5.00 (I was hoping these would go on clearance, never did. $1 per Sponge isn't bad for CVS.)
5 Jerzee Ringer @ $1.25 each = $6.25 (50% off, not sure how long these have been around)
4 Kleenex Oval Holiday @ $.80 = $3.20 (These never got marked down either. My manager decided to just be rid of them)
Shamrock Lei $.99 (50% off)
Shamrock Beads $.49 (50% off)
Schick Quartro 4ct Blades $8.79
Cobroxin $18.99
Total Before Coupons: $49.25

2 $1/1 Colgate 4.0oz +
$1/4 Kleenex (yea! Makes each box $.55!)
$3/1 Any Schick Quartro
Total After Coupons: $43.25

$4 EB Colgate
$4 EB Schick Quartro
$18.99 EB Cobroxin (only reason I got it)
Net: $16.26, not great, not bad. The shirts & sponges alone account for $11.25. Sweetheart & I could use some new shirts.

Instead I headed out to Rite Aid and see what could be found. (Would have preferred to buy at CVS 1. because I work there & 2. Not having to deal with +up or EB after my purchase.) I actually bought six toothbrushes earlier in the week during my normal stop to roll some +ups. While out I was surprised to find the small bottles of Gain Fabric Softer. I've been looking for them since the coupon came out. I found two at the first store (early in the week) & one at the second (today). I bought them all. I didn't feel bad clearing the shelf this time. The coupon expires on the 31st and supplies were limited.

Picked up a few other freebies/money makers. If only I would have remembered them for my second trip! Perhaps next week on the Salons Patches. (Not on special, just a good deal with the coupon.) Would have loved too get Lysol wipes, but both stores were out. Rainchecks for SCR & +up rewards are way to much hassle. I'll just hope for another sale.

Store 1:
2 Gain Fabric Softener (small! bottle) @ $2.69 each = $5.38 (10% discount)
6 Reach @ $2.99 each = $17.94
2 Salnopas Large Patch 4ct @ $2.42 = $4.84 (10% discount)
Veet Gel Cream Sensitive $6.02 (10% discount)
Total Before Coupons: $34.18

2 $3/1 gain Fabric Softener (no size restriction)
3 $2.99/1 Reach BOGO (from Oct! I keep my coupons for 6 months.)
2 $3/1 Salnopas
$3/1 Veet in ad Q
$3/1 Veet IP Q (Don't remember where this one is)
$1 off purchase VV March
Total After Coupons: $6.21 (used $6 +up)

6 $2 +up Reach
$1 +up Veet
Net: $6.79 profit

Transaction 2:
Gain Fabric Softener $2.69 (10% discount)
5 Reach @ $2.99 each = $14.95
Total Before Coupons: $17.64

$3/1 Gain Softener
$2.99/1 Reach BOGO
3 $1/1 Reach/Listerine product
Total After Coupons: $8.65 (used $8 +up)

5 $2 +up Reach
Net: $1.35 profit, added bonus: Survey for a $3 off a $15 dollar purchase!

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