Monday, February 28, 2011

Late Rite Aid Post

I'm behind on my posts again. Told you I wasn't going to get around to anything right? At least there doesn't seem much at Rite Aid this week to entice me out the door. I did stop by, but all the 'free' snacks are gone. Better luck next time. I think I'll try at the end of the week to get in on the Always Infinity deal. There's not free by any means, but $4.50 for a large box after coupons & +ups is okay in my book.

I've begun to see Rite Aid as just another store. I felt guilty for shopping at the 'competition' and didn't want to get anything there if I had to pay for it. Now it's just another store and I'm just one of their customers. I kind of like it this way. If only I had figured this out a little sooner. I can only image how much I could have saved. Ah well, such is life. I'm glad I've gotten to this point. (Or I might miss out on the Always Infinity deal!)

Last week the big thing was J&J baby items on sale for $2.99 get $2 +up. There were a number of internet coupons floating around for $1/1, $2/2 & $3/3 for various products. Missing from the picture are the q-tips I bought. Those didn't have a coupon per se, but I read about people using it with the $3/3 J&J baby products. Not so sure about that . . .

The Finish went back down to the monthly sale price of $3.99. There was a VV Q for $1/1 & a manufacture Q for $3/1. (Not available any more.) I don't have a dishwasher myself, but I picked it up for my parents. I like trying to get them stuff when I can. Mom's disabled so money can be tight at times, especially with all the medical bills. Hoping little things can help them save for the future.

The Oreo Cookies were 2/$6 wyb 2 get $1 +up. The monthly up for these were also printing for a total of 3 $1 +up rewards. Add in a $1/2 VV Q and it made them $1 each! That's good for Oreos! ^_^

Net total of all pictured plus missing Q-tips = $3 cost! Not bad.

Time for me to get organizing. The next three days are going to be LONG. 9am-9:30pm between the two jobs. At least one I sit at a desk and the other I'm on my feet. Yippee for money! One more day of normal work and then a three day weekend. (What's that? I haven't had one of those in forever!)

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