Saturday, February 5, 2011

Last Call Rite Aid

This is the last trip to Rite Aid for the week. They have already gotten their delivery and will not get any more stock for the week. What's more, I don't have any more coupons to make the Colgate or Chex Mix free. (Still loads at the store.) There weren't many dog treats left, but I was able to get two boxes. One for each of my parents dogs isn't bad. I forgot to look for my dixie plates, so there is a small chance I'll run out to see if they have them. Also forgot to get a raincheck for the Lays. I want to get two or three plain ones for Sweetheart. (He doesn't like flavored chips or Chex Mix.)

5 Colgate Clinical 4oz @ $2.99 each = $14.95
8 Chex Mix @ $1.50 each = $12.00
2 Hartz Crunch & Clean @ $2.99 each = $5.98
Total Before Coupons: $32.93

5 $1/1 Colgate 4.0oz+
4 $1/2 Chex Mix
2 $1/1 Hartz
Total After Coupons: $21.93 (used $21 +up, paid $.93 cash)

5 $2 +up Colgate
8 $1 +up Chex Mix (Monthly food promo)
2 $1 +up Hartz (weekly promo)
2 $1 +up Hartz (Monthly?)
Net: $.07 profit

If you haven't tried the dark chocolate mix you really need to. It's awesome!

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