Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Belated V-Day

I'm not much for Valentine's Day. I didn't start dating until collage, so it's always had this slightly bitter taste. Working at CVS I'm amazed how many people wait until the last minute just to get a card. It's crazy! It's not like it was a surprise to everyone. We started putting out the VD stuff as soon as Christmas started to clear.

I was easily amazed at how much people were spending. $8 for a card? $5 for a single rose? I won't even talk about the guy who bought a balloon, two bears and resuarnt gift cards on top of things like that. All for one person. (He wanted it all in one gift bag!) It just doesn't feel like a day about love with all that rushing around.

Luckily I insist on doing it the day after. Or even waiting until a month latter on Pi day. No sense in paying twice as much for merchandise. I did however enjoy a quiet dinner at home with Sweetheart. He was really cute this year. He took a picture of the bunnies and wrote on it "Some Bunnies Loves You. You Make Us Very Hoppy!" He's corny like that, but sweet. He set it as the background on my computer so I was surprised when I turned it on. ^_^

I had fun 'making' the center piece for our meal. Still not quiet what I want for the metal spinner thing. (I ripped it off a display at work when we went to throw it out.) I'm hopping to get a large wooden plate to stick on it. My own Lazy Susan.

Hope everyone had a good time celebrating love.

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