Friday, February 18, 2011


It's been a busy week and I haven't had the time to post. A friend of mine is moving so I'll be spending the evening with him before he goes. Then another fried who lives several hours a way is coming to see me for the weekend. Hopefully I can get something up soon. (With details, but probably not.)

Below are pictures of my hauls from CVS & Rite Aid. CVS is actually last week & Rite is this week. I did manage to squeeze in another shopping trip to each between jobs.


  1. Looks like you did pretty good! What were your savings??

  2. The chocolate from CVS was 2/$6.00. I got them as V-Day candy and to use up the $4 off $20 I got in the mail for CVS. The smaller crest were $2.57 get $2 EB, Excedrin $1.99 ($1/1 Q IP & $3/1 CVS mailed Q = $2 MM), Mac & Cheese (one not pictured for work) 2/$6 get $2 EB back. Nivea buy $10 get $3 EB, used BOGO Nivea Lip & $3 off $10 cosmetic Q from the red machine. (Free!)

    Rite Aid items were all free (net). Peelie on the Blink $4/1 & $3 +UP = Free. Degree $2.00 each $2 +up wyb 2, 2 $1/1 Q. Colgate free after +up used $1/2 Q = $1 MM. Lay's chips $1.50 each get $1 +up = $.50 each.

    Hope that sums it up a bit. I need to get back into the swing of things.