Saturday, May 8, 2010

Over Budget? Not Quiet . . .

As with any budget at some point the money runs out. I’m now out of grocery money until I get paid on Thursday. I actually ran out on Wednesday with my last shopping trip at rite aid. Anything I buy has to come out of my free money . . . I think I should I recall it pocket money.

Looking through my cabinets I find I’m low on two of my packable lunch staples: Mott’s apple sauce (one flavor or another of the healthy harvest) and Fruitables (a vegetable & fruit juice drink). I’ll only need to buy one pack of each so the estimated cost comes to almost $5. This means I only have $10 for the week. I still need to get a newspaper on Sunday. So only $8 left to spend as I like. Time to check the ‘stash.’

I happen to have a ‘stash’ where I put all my extra pocket money from the week, minus change. When I find I need money for things and I’ve over done my budget I go there first. I also have this money set aside in case I want to do something that would take more than my $15 that I have for the week. W00t! I have $8! To bad it’s mean it’s all but cleaned out again.

A second CVS trip. Items I bought:

4 Sobe Life Water $3.18 ($1.59 each, BOGO)
CVS Natural Citrus Mouth Rinse 250mL $.99
Venus Embrace Raiser $8.49
Total Before Coupons : $12.66

2 Coupons BOGO Sobe Life Water $3.18 ($1.59 each coupon)
Coupon CVS Citrus (only!) $1.00 (Available at under in store coupons)
Coupon Venus Embrace $3.00
Total After Coupons: $5.48

EB printed at the bottom
Venus Embrace $6.00
Net: $.52 profit (Forgot my green bag tag!), used EB to pay for transaction plus $.51 ($.48+tax) out of pocket.

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