Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Always Check Your Reciept!

Yesterday was a reminder to myself to always watch the price as an item get rung up. it was just a small filler grocery visit of orange juice, bread and fresh fruit. While there I always check the price of a few items, because not every sale at the grocery store is advertised.

One of my favorite kind of hot dogs if Hebrew National. They're so good! Unfortunately they are also on the expensive side, $4.99/7 hot dogs. YIKES! According to the tag they were on sale for $3. At the register it rings up at $3.99. My sweetheart runs to double check and be sure we didn't make a mistake and then we have a confused clerk looking through the sale flier only to see several other brands of hot dogs on sale. (Unadvertised sale!) Another clerk (a supervisor perhaps?) runs back to check on it. We were correct in reading the price tag and because it rang up incorrectly we got it free. SCORE! A favorite item for FREE! It pays to keep a close eye on the register screen as you get rung up. ^_^

A stop at Weis markets made a good deal for Wacky Mac pasta. I like the name and the colorful noodles. A 10/$10 sale is awesome when paired up with 2 $.50/1 and 2 $1/2 coupons. Six bags of pasta for $2! Sweet!

My trip to target was not nearly as fruitful. Jergens has a $2/1 coupon at There is a short form to fill out (it's listed as an offer). The coupon does not specify any size restrictions. This usually means you can get a trail size for free. They don't have it. *growls* They also didn't have Kraft Homestyle deluxe Macaroni & Cheese Dinner, which I got a manufactures coupon from Kraft's First Taste. Nor did they have Kraft's 100 calorie cheese packs.

I am happy to say they did have some other items I was looking for. In my transaction I bought:

4 Nabisco 100 calorie pack cookies $10.16 (4 different kinds, $2.54 each)
Bic 7 count pens $.99 (found a bonus size)
Kraft Mayo w/ Olive Oil 12oz $2.64
Total Before Coupons: $13.79

2 coupons Nabisco BOGO $5.08 (via facebook for liking their product, $2.54 each)
Coupon Target Free 100 calorie pack wby 3 $2.54 (
Coupon Kraft Mayo w/ Olive Oil Free $2.64 (Kraft's First Taste)
Coupon Bic stationary product $1.00 (
Coupon Target Reusable bag $.05 (just bring in a reusable bag, first time I've done this one)
Total After Coupons: $2.48 (Good deal.)

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