Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Drug Store Shopping

Today’s Climbing the Money Pit deals with shopping. I don’t know about other people but I need to buy things to live. Some items are more necessary than others (food vs makeup). While I do not intend to makes this into a savings blog, there are many out there, savings is a part of getting out of debt. The more money I save the more money I have to pay off debt.

I’ll start off with the drug stores. These are easy places to get stuff for just a little bit of money or even free! I think I am better at navigating the CVS system since I’ve been buying stuff from there for a lot longer. When I moved out from my parents I ended up in an area that has some Rite Aids close by. I’m hoping to get their system down. It will take some time though.

My first trip was to CVS. I bought the following items:

Colgate tooth paste 4oz $2.99
Nivea Body Wash 16.9oz $4.88
Nivea Body Wash 16.9oz $4.88
Nivea lip balm .17oz $2.99
Nivea lip balm .17oz $2.99
Reach dental floss $2.99
Total Before coupons: $21.72

Coupon Colgate $1.00
Coupon BOGO Nivea Body Wash $4.88
Coupon Nivea Body Wash $1.00
Coupon BOGO Nivea lip balm $2.99
Coupon Reach dental floss $1.00
Coupon CVS 2 off of 2 body wash $2.00
Total after coupons: $8.85

EB Printed at the bottom
Colgate $2.00 EB
Nivea buy $15 get $5.00 EB
Reach dental floss $2.00 EB
Net: profit of $.15 + $.25 for green bag tag scan. I didn’t pay much out of pocket as I used EB from previous purchases. To keep things on here simple I plan on list all coupons except the EB. The goal here is to look at the end result. If you have questions on how this works please visit for more information. Or find a blog that will help get you started.

My second trip was to Rite Aid. Items I bought:

Carefree liners $.99
GE 15W light bulb $5.99
Motrin PM 20ct $5.99
Themacare Neck 3ct $6.99
CG liquid makeup $6.99
CG powder makeup $0.00 (BOGO sale)
Lysol wipes $3.49
Lysol wipes $0.00 (BOGO sale)
Total Before Coupons: $30.44

Coupon liners $1.00
Coupon light bulb $1.00
Coupon Rite Aid Motrin $3.00
Coupon Motrin $2.00
Coupon Rite Aid Themacare $3.00
Coupon Themacare $1.00
Coupon CG BOGO $6.99
Coupon Lysol wipes $1.00
Coupon Lysol wipes $1.00
Coupon Rite Aid $5.00 off a $25.00 or more purchase
Total After Coupons: $5.45 + tax (essentially I consider it just paying for the light bulb.)

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