Tuesday, May 25, 2010

CVS trips and the search for Jergens trail size lotion

I attempted to find the Jergens lotion again, this time at Walmart. No such luck! I think I am going to try the Walmart on my way to work. If I can't find it there, I'm going to give it up. No sense in going here there and everywhere just to find the thing. It's a waste of time and gas that way. I try never to go out of my way to get something based on those two ideas. If I happen to be in close promiscuity (walking distance) I'll make a stop. Otherwise not a chance.

Two CVS trips. One from last week, no time to actually write about this.

last week I bought:

Dawn Hand Care Dish Soap 9.5oz $.84
2 Rimmel Lip Gloss $3.98 ($1.99 each, clearance!)
Bert's Bees Lip Balm $2.99
Total Before Coupons: $7.81

Coupon Dawn $.84 (Adjusted down from $1/1, Simple Home booklet)
2 Coupons Rimmel $1.99 (Adjusted down from $2.00/1, Redpulm.com no longer available)
Coupon CVS Bert's Bees Face $2.99 (Adjusted down from $3.00/1, CVS coupon machine)
Total After Coupons: FREE + $.25 green bag tag scan

This week (Sunday) I bought:

2 Old Spice Body wash $8.00 ($4.00 each)
2 Stride Gum $2.58 ($1.29 each)
Total Before Coupons: $10.58

Coupon Old Spice Body wash BOGO $4.00
Coupon Stride Gum BOGO $1.29
Total After Coupons: $5.29

EB printed at the bottom:
$8.00 Old Spice Body Wash
Net: $2.71 profit + $.25 green bag tag scan

I could have had a higher if I hadn't bought the gum. I'm completely out and figured I would still net a profit using the coupon. I had thought about using two different coupons for the body wash which would have gotten me free deodorant. (Buy One body wash Get One deodorant free, Buy One deodorant Get One body wash free) A quick check at the supplies tells me we don't need any for the moment. Better to have a bit of a $$ maker instead.

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